SubjectRanger specialisation
From"Michael Parkinson"
DateFri, 24 Nov 2000 15:47:53 +1300
Dear Rosemary & all,

Thanks for the restructuring of Ranger.  However I would disagree with both
the options for Ranger "specialisation."  I do think that rangers should
only specialise in *one* environment, but I don't think it has to be the
one that they trained in; and I would prefer that the ranger must have a
few ranks before they specialise  (btw, I hope this does not appear
unfairly critical of Rosemary's which definitely improves flaws in the

In the old version a ranger could do the same things in ALL environments --
they were just a little bit BETTER at doing everything [actually "any
ability," not explicitly restricted to ranger abilities, but that seems to
be the general interpretation] in one particular area than they were in all
others.   Like a healer getting +2% per rank for a particular species, or
gender, etc.   This is a quite different thing from building-block skills
such as Troubadour or military scientist (to name two comparable skills --
or their compromise, Courtier, etc).

There is no *need* for a ranger to specialise, but I think it is a good
flavour thing.  Although I strongly dislike the idea of multiple

However I do NOT think that the specialisation *must* be where one was
first taught.   I see nothing wrong with a ranger spending their early life
with mediocre chances of doing various tasks & then coming upon a
particular environment for which they are simpatico --in which they
flourish, as it were -- even if they had never seen it before.   (As an
aside, this was possible under the old rules).

NB: there is no need to *totally* divide the world into Ranger flavours.
It doesn't matter if there are some vanilla areas.

awaiting your responses,  Michael

Michael Parkinson
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SubjectRE: DQ: Ranger v0.2
From"Michael Parkinson"
DateFri, 24 Nov 2000 16:37:46 +1300
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<DIV><SPAN class=115482203-24112000>
<P>The ranger document is good because it is aimed at what we want Rangers to be 
able to do.</P>
<P>I esp like the stealth &amp; food section<SPAN 
class=115482203-24112000>.&nbsp; I generally concur with Martin's comments to 
which Rosemary replied "O.K." or similarly.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;I</SPAN> see 
nothing wrong with the weight limit for animals --&nbsp;<SPAN 
class=115482203-24112000>perhaps even reduce it --&nbsp;</SPAN>but would suggest 
that we explicitly state it is a snare.&nbsp;<SPAN class=115482203-24112000> 
</SPAN>You may like to give a ranger a separate chance (or a bonus) at 
concealing pits or other large trap, or<SPAN class=115482203-24112000> (my 
slight preference)</SPAN>&nbsp;just treat it as a special case of "hiding<SPAN 
class=115482203-24112000>.</SPAN>"<SPAN class=115482203-24112000>&nbsp; 
<DIV><SPAN class=115482203-24112000>I am quite content with the environments as 
given --particularly rural, as it happens--&nbsp;but have not particularly 
scrutinised them.&nbsp; &nbsp;Concerning M &amp; R's other 
style="PADDING-LEFT: 5px; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; BORDER-LEFT: #000000 2px solid"><FONT 
  <DIV><BR><FONT face=sans-serif>Option B was what I came up with 1st, but as I 
  thought it through I decided that my ideal of a ranger wasn't a like a mage or 
  philosopher who learns formally and is adding to their knowledge but someone 
  whose skills come from familiarity and long use</FONT></FONT><FONT 
  size=2><FONT face="Courier New">.<SPAN class=115482203-24112000><FONT 
  face="Times New Roman" 
face="Courier New">
<DIV><SPAN class=115482203-24112000><FONT face="Times New Roman">Yes.&nbsp; 
Although an improved base chance does not necessarily represent familiarity or 
habit.&nbsp; It also (or even instead) may indicate an environment that the 
Ranger is more "in tune" with.</FONT></SPAN></DIV>
<DIV><SPAN class=115482203-24112000><FONT 
face="Times New Roman"></FONT></SPAN>&nbsp;</DIV>
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