Subject[dq] Namer Specials
From"Michael Parkinson"
DateSun, 3 Dec 2000 09:13:04 +1300
> Well, I used to be only scared of Namers.
> Now I'm terrified :-)

you mean you *weren't* already terrified of your typical Namer -- a
muscle-bound hand&ahalf wielder who having exhausted all desired military &
skill options was desperately seeking some other place to sink their EP ?

Bane (S-1)

Do we want the AoE increasing?

  X' +10' dia per Y ranks is the right formula & if Y is *greater* than 4
or 5 you'll have another spell like the current Compel -- few people
ranking it, but those who do tending to become (for atleast a few years) a
1-spell mage, as they do everything to it to highish ranks.   Alternatives
such as a contiguous area of Rank hexes, or clusters of 1 mega-hex per Z
ranks are overly powerful & inelegant.  I feel that all Areas-o-E (if a
spell has one) for namer magic should be circles about a target point or
(if appropriate) beams from the namer.

& AoE is fixed, then we either have the AoE impracticably small or have the
[slight] bug at low ranks of including the Namers & their hangers-on inside
the AoE (how entertaining!).   My personal preference is for a significant
FIXED AoE, but one which may be vacated by almost all entities within 1
pulse [say 35' dia] with the Effect within that AoE starting low &
increasing per rank.

That being said, I do suspect eitherway that the %age reduction *may* need
tweaking: the current draft Rank 4 wipes out the bonus from 10 ranks in AoE
Rank10 wipes out the maximum ranking effect [20].    And do we need to be
explicit that it is the entities within the AoE that passively resist.
However in concept the spell is fine.  I think Adam said:
#One of the biggest annoyances for a Namer ( and I admit I do it to parties
too ) is to keep coming across non-colleged magic which you can't do shit

These days, *Active* resistance of spells is rarely successful; but we do
need to consider how it may interact with Bane [they are different magical
concepts, but presumably the greatest reduction is applied].

If people or GMs want another way to tone down the effect of the spell, we
could have the reduction as a minimal effect of, say, 10% (the Rank 0
effect)  requiring the Namer to concentrate on the Area for it to have full
effect -- but I'm not certain that's a desirable game choice, or that it is
necessarily in tune with Martin's flavour of the college (which I like)

Compel Obedience (S-3)

This (at last!!) has the right feel to it.  The old spell was so powerful
that most GMs used technicalities to weasel out of its full effect [myself
included]; as a player I didn't rank it because I saw it as a game-breaker.

I'm happy to elaborate the details, if necessary.

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