Subject[dq] Gods this Sunday ???
DateWed, 3 Jan 2001 11:16:15 +1300
Can I safely assume that we will "rest" Michael's lounge this Sunday, and
defer the Meeting until February ??

See you in five weeks,


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Subject[dq] Rulebook Questions
FromKeith Smith
DateWed, 03 Jan 2001 21:00:40 +1300
i) With the Binding Earth Ritual, is the Base Chance fixed at 10% i.e. it's 
10% + 0/rank or was the x/rank left off? If there is an x I assume it would 
equal 3.

ii) I'd like to add the following text to the end of the Binding Earth 
Ritual. 'and it cannot be moved through by any magical means, (Wizards 
Eyes, and other magics allowing passage through solid objects).

iii) On page 26, in the table marked Cast Check Modifiers should it be 
clarified that the effects of MA does not apply to Talents or Rituals. I'm 
proposing the text be changed from 'Spell casting' to 'Spell Magic' to 
bring it in line with the earlier definitions and maybe add (not Rituals or 
Talents). This should make this rule more obvious to those unfamiliar with it.

iv) Page 11 - Should the section on Elemental Aspects be re-iterated in the 
Magic Section so that all the general cast chance modifiers are in one place?

v) Fire College Speak to Fire Creatures (page 77) does not have a duration 
listed. Should it have one?


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