Subject[dq] Celestial Shadow Query
From"Errol Cavit"
DateSat, 20 Jan 2001 10:25:58 -0000
Hi all

While I was away overseas, there were changes made to the Celestial College 
modifiers, and the way the Light and Dark spells work. Reading the new 
write-ups carefully (as opposed to quickly) for the first time, I would like 
to seek confirmation that my understanding of the situation is correct.

My character is a normal (for the purposes of the question) Celestial Shadow 
mage. Relevant quotes from the college write-up are:

19.3 Lighting condition modifiers
... Magical forms of the elements (light and dark) may at best neutralize 
any penalties suffered due to the natural elements. ...
Shadow Weavers must be within a shadow that has a defined edge within the 
vicinity (...), and Star mages must be in direct light from point sources, 
otherwise the lighting condition modifier is -25%.

Darkness (G-3)
It will not aid in providing bonuses for casting purposes, though it will 
neutralize penalties due to natural light, to a maximum of 5% + 1%/rank. The 
volume counts as direct shadow for Star & Shadow mages.

19.9 Celestial Lighting Modifier Table
various mods based on light level, ranging from -20 to +25 for Shadow, plus 
'cannot cast'.

My understanding:
Being in a magical darkness means that I am in a shadow, so the -25% from 
19.3 does not apply. Calculate the Lighting condition modifier as

Table entry for amount of natural light
5% + 1% per rank

The end result is reduced to 0 if it is positive.

Examples and possible special situation:
Simple example:
Sunny day in the middle of flat grassland, the rest of the party are too 
lazy or busy to hold up a cloak to cast a shadow for you. With a Rk10 
darkness (cast at 55% BC btw, +30 for rank, -25 because you aren't in a 
shadow), later spells are (-10 + (5+10)) = +5%, tough luck, it's 0%

Slightly trickier example:
In the middle of a chamber underground, lit by torches around all the walls, 
but not in a shadow (having just been magically whisked here by yourself, 
rest of the party are slacking off as  per usual).
Using the Rk 10  darkness again, its (+10 + (5+10)) = +25%, tough luck, it's 
The kinder interpretation is to leave it at the natural modifier of 10%, 
with the darkness counting as a shadow. This doesn't seem reasonable to me, 
you are using the magic to make the shadow in order to avoid the -25%, so 
you are limited to 0% end result.

Tricky example:
Due entirely to your own planning and cunning, you are set up perfectly. 
With a tree between you and the party's campfire, you are about to let one 
of the attacking fools have it with a backfire. A combat spell with a +25% 
bonus, it doesn't happen that often. Then some jerk puts a rank 19 darkness 
down on your location. Thanks to your Night Vision, you can still see the 
target in the 2% light level.

Do you still have the +25% due to natural light level (and in a natural 
shadow), or are you stuck with the -10% from the magic light level + (5+19) 
for rank, giving 0%?

Explanation of any faults in the above logic or understanding gratefully 


PS none of the above comments should be taken as criticisms of the actions 
(or inactions) of my current party - especially Amelia, who is fixing my 
"massive chest wound" while we are at the bottom of an 80' pit.
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