SubjectRe: [dq] Binder & Rune
DateSun, 05 Aug 2001 12:25:53 +1200
>I. Rune
>Apparently, people were being discouraged / prevented from starting new 
>Rune characters, as a new version was 'imminent'. Nothing special in 
>regards to this status made it to the June 2000 rulebook. I take it we can 
>announce this concept (that several people have mentioned to me) as dead?
>I understand that there are a very few 'playtesting' a revised college. 
>What happens to these (this?) characters?

There was one in my game that Jon was GMing session before last.

>II. Binder (see quotes at end of post)
>Probationary until April 2001. We need to decide what happens now. I 
>suggest a discussion on-list immediately (say over the next week) feel 
>free to pass on comments from anyone who doesn't read the list). Hopefully 
>we can come to a consensus, and update the rulebook (errata) that will be 
>out at the next Guild Meeting accordingly. Confirm decision by vote at 
>Guild Meeting.

Speaking of which, who is organising this update? I'd like to see a preview 
copy so I can check that everything that should be in there is in there please.


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