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DateThu, 23 Aug 2001 08:12:31 +1200
Can we see 2.1.4 before you put it into the rules?


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Jacqui et al,

There seem to be several version of Rune out there.

2.1.1 - October 1999 - Currently the one on the web site

2.1.2 - March 2000 - The current "playtest" version.

2.1.3 - August 2000 - The lastest version, but hasn't been
     playtested much and contains the some alpha level

2.1.4 - ???? - Should be 2.1.2 which the less problematic changes
     from 2.1.3 brought forward.  Currently waiting on info
     from Michael Haycock and Mandos (please).

If I don't here anything from people by the start of September
then I'll put in 2.1.2 + changes = 2.1.4.




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>The last copy of rune offered for review by the group to the best of my
>knowledge is available at

I went. I read. Isn't quite finished, is it?

I cannot see how we can put a incomplete college into playtest.


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