SubjectRe: [dq] Imps and 1/2 Devils
DateWed, 28 Nov 2001 09:13:31 +1300
At 15:42 27/11/01 +1300, Jacqui wrote:
>At 11:49 27/11/01 +1300, you wrote:
>>Just refer to them as one and the same.  They have all the same stats and
>>abilities but are referred to by 2 different names.
>>Let the philosophers argue over whether they are the same or different.
>>But as far as abilities and GTNs go they are one and the same.
>And therefore get one entry in the Bestiary, probably under the heading 
>"Imp", with a sentence like "sometimes referred to as "half-devil" on the 
>end. This makes sense.

Aren't (weren't?) halfdevils smaller than imps?  Do imps get to shapechange?

>Further to the research - the old College of Black Magics refers to a 
>"familiar, a minor devil with half the statistics and rank of a devil". The 
>term "half-devil" was derived from this, probably by Brent Jackson, since 
>his name is at the top of the write-up of half-devils. There was no further 
>description of half-devils in the 2nd Ed. rule book, and it doesn't look as 
>if the word half-devil was used there.

For the historical point of view, Brent says he wrote the document to
outline for GMs some motivations for halfdevils in situations like when
they aren't given any orders.  Also so they were consistent. Some GMs at
the time would halve their size, but not neccesarily their abilities eg. PC
and TMR. 

>I'd be curious to know when the choice of companion for Summoners changed 
>from "imp or devil" to "imp or half-devil", however.

Probably about when Shadow wings began known as Bat wings. :)


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SubjectRe: [dq] Imps and 1/2 Devils
DateWed, 28 Nov 2001 11:46:37 +1300

Jacqui said:
> >Further to the research - the old College of Black Magics 
> refers to a 
> >"familiar, a minor devil with half the statistics and rank 
> of a devil". The 
> >term "half-devil" was derived from this, probably by Brent 
> Jackson, since 
> >his name is at the top of the write-up of half-devils. There 
> was no further 
> >description of half-devils in the 2nd Ed. rule book, and it 
> doesn't look as 
> >if the word half-devil was used there.

The term 'half-devil' isn't in the 2001 rulebook, or Jacqui's summoner
document. Both say 'lesser Devil'. The Bestiary has entries for both imps
and half-devils.

As people will presumably carry on referring to 'half-devils' in
conversation, how about new documents that need to refer to the critters use
'half-devil'? (This may only be a reference in 'imp' along the lines of
"also known as half-devils or lesser Devils" if we decide they are a type of

Yours in mild confusion

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Subject[dq] IMP and HALF-DEVIL Writeups from Bestiary
DateWed, 28 Nov 2001 11:46:49 +1300
For those without someone else providing the WWW access...

Natural Habitat:Hell
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1
Description: Imps appear as three to four foot high humanoids, but with
horns, bat's wings and barbed tails. They tend to be muscular, but
pot-bellied. Their skin may be blue, green, or purple, but is usually red.
They have yellow eyes, flecked with silver and their teeth (including
prominent incisors) are made of silver. Imps may also appear as goats,
spiders, bats or large rats, but these are insubstantial forms. The imp
cannot use his powers in this plane except in his natural and substantial
Talents, Skills and Magic: Imps may be members of any Colleges of Magic
except the Entities as determined by the GM. Imps can only be harmed by
silvered weapons or magic. Cold iron does not affect them. They have no
skills. They have Rank 5 with all magic.
Movement Rates: Running: 350 -- Flying: 500 
PS 15-20  MD 13-17  AG 16-22  MA 22-26  
EN 14-16  FT 22-28  WP 28-32  PC 16-25  
PB 3-5  TMR 7/10  NA 3 DP  
Weapons: Imps may make a horn attack during Close Combat with a Base Chance
of 20% and possible damage of [D - 1]. Imp horns may have a Rank of between
1 and 10 (controlling Player should roll D10 to determine Rank). Imps may
also make an attack in either Melee or Close Combat with their long tail.
Its tip contains a sting with a quick acting nerve poison (2-4 Damage Points
per Pulse). The sting itself is treated like a dagger. Base Chance with tail
is 30%. Imps may use other weapons, but may not wear armour.
Comments: Imps are dangerous servants in that they have a cruel sense of
humour which they are not averse to visiting upon their master and friends.
They may not be bound or forced to speak true, so there is no way to really
control their actions. They will lie, steal, sow dissension, or play
practical jokes (magical or non-magical) on average once per day. They will
not knowingly get their master killed or maimed but are otherwise not overly
considerate of the master's well-being. They will use their powers on the
master's behalf when it is demanded of them (though even here their sense of
humour may have an effect) and will fight the master's enemies. Imps may be
called upon as needed and then returned to their own dimension. Given their
warped personalities, the wise master will keep them in their own dimension
as much as possible. Imps have a 7% Base Chance of knowing past, present and
future events, but will seldom speak truthfully of what they know. 

Natural Habitat:Hell
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1
Description: Half-Devils appear as small (around 3ft) muscular humanoids
with membranous wings, a small, hard, curved horn and vicious teeth. They
tend to have dark coloration's, murky and speckled browns and blacks most
common. Their tails are sharp, barbed and poisonous. Half-Devils, when on
this plane, can appear to be an animal but cannot use their spell magic or
rituals while in this form. They may, however, use talents. it takes 5
seconds for the change to take place.
Talents, Skills and Magic: Half-Devils may be members of any Thaumaturgy or
Elemental college. Being creatures of mana they can only be harmed by
silvered or magical weapons, cold iron does not affect their casting, and
they know all spells, rituals and talents of their college at rank 5. Note
that this does not include Ward, Investment, or other spells and rituals not
intrinsic to their college.
Movement Rates: Running : 200 Flying : 400 
PS 12-16  MD 7-11  AG 9-13  MA 14-18  
EN 12-16  FT 17-21  WP 11-15  PC 10-14  
PB 4-6  TMR 4/8  NA 2 DP  
Weapons: Half-Devils may make a Horn attack or a Bite as well as Sting with
their tail in Close Combat. They may use their Tail in Melee but at -20%.
Their Bite has a Base Chance of 30% and does +1 damage (A class Critical).
Their Horn has a Base Chance of 25%and does +1 damage (A class specific
grevious injuries and +20% if used in Charge). Both can be rank 1 to 5.
Their Tail has a Base Chance of 50% doing -2 damage. It has a quick-acting
nerve poison in it that does 2 damage points per pulse. (Poison effects are
not cumulative.) The victim can resist the effects of the poison by rolling
under normal endurance when fatigue has been removed, or by rolling under
twice normal endurance when their endurance is reduced to 3 or less. A
Half-Devil's tail is always rank 4. A Half-Devil may use weapons (unranked),
but will never wear armour.
Comments: Upon making a Lesser Pact with a Demon, that Demon assigns a
familiar to the adept. This familiar is a Half-Devil. The GM should randomly
roll the values of the above stats and then roll on the following table for
the college. 1 E & E 2 Mind 3 Illusion 4 Namer 5 Air 6 Water 7 Fire 8 Earth
9 Celestial 10 Demon's Choice The adept may choose the location of the
witchmark and a ritual drawing blood binds the Half-Devil to that adept. The
Half- Devil will then always aim to please his master (although his
understanding of the world may hamper this) but will severely dislike (and
hope to avoid) any period of separation from the adept. Should the adept or
familiar die, the bond is broken and the Half-Devil will immediately return
to the seventh plane (where the adept may pick it up later if it was s/he
that died). If the Half-Devil dies, a new one may be issued 5 years after
the previous one was issued. Half-Devils, during ritual blood-letting,
immediately acquire all spoken languages that the adept knows at one less
rank. Half-Devils cannot read or write. Half-Devils have no other skills,
although in their animal form they may have abilities, e.g. a weasel can
stare down basilisks. Note that the familiar loses one fatigue per hour that
it doesn't feed (irrelevant of form). Hence, the adept must feed it at least
once a day (using four fatigue which the Half-Devil enjoys (obviously). In
animal or the Half-Devil can understand the languages it understands in
natural form, but cannot speak back.

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