Subject[dq-announce] DQ Guild Meeting: 10th March 2002
DateFri, 1 Mar 2002 15:43:07 +1300
A reminder that the guild meeting is next weekend, please remind those in
your parties.
12:30 for GMs, 1pm we start the main meeting.
Usual location - Leicester Hall in Ellerslie.  We only have the hall booked
till 2:30pm so we need to be prompt, but on the upside it will only be $40
per meeting for the hireage.

I can't remember who is supposed to be chairing this meeting which makes me
suspect that it's me and I'm subconsciously blocking it out.

If you are planning to GM this session then please announce your intention
and planned level on the Email group.

Also does anyone have any issues to be voted on at the gods meeting? 
- I know we've been discussing Undetectability but I don't think we have any
proposals ready to be voted into playtest.

Don't forget to send your lies - oops I mean articles, in for the SGT.

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Subject[dq] Adventure
DateFri, 1 Mar 2002 22:41:59 +1300
Hi am offering an adventure for low-med levels for next season
To be played at my place (Mt Wellington) on Tuesdays

Cheers, Gordon.

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