Subject[dq] Only 3 Adventures??
DateFri, 8 Mar 2002 10:48:56 +1300
2 days before the guild meeting and only 3 adventures announced?  
I know that a couple usually emerge from the woodwork on the day but surely
there must be more that are known of now.

If you were vaguely thinking about GMing please think a little less vaguely.

I believe that we have no voting issues for the gods meeting at 12:30.
Speak now if you think there is something.  Otherwise I guess it'll just be
the 3 GMs organising themselves onto each others adventures. :)

Cheers, Stephen.

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SubjectRe: [dq] Only 3 Adventures??
DateFri, 8 Mar 2002 17:30:42 +1300
Prince Ed of Thebes found the last party so fiendishly cunning & devious (he means that as a
compliment) that he would like some friends to visit the Ellenic states.

The Mission:  Someone [unknown] is going to do something [unknown] at the pan-Ellenic Games.   Stop
them, preferably secretly; failing that, make sure Thebes is not blamed.   There are hints that a
flying visit to Freetown in the Isles of Adventure may be necessary, or inadvisable -- he's not sure
which.  Also he is committed to spending time doing various stuff (athletic &/or princely), so you
have to be able to do acts of bravery & goodness unsupervised.

Sorry that there's not much more to go on, but he's now down to the third rate Sibyls.

Participants: any group of non-monsters will do -- preferably mostly humans, perhaps with one or two
people [hobbits] or even, at a pinch, nymphs ... I mean elves.

Payment:  Of course being a hero --or, in your case, companions-- is voluntary work.  But if you do
the right thing you're bound to be rewarded by the gratitude of princes or republics concerned.
Then there's the stuff you confiscate

Night: to be decided (with *perhaps* a preference for Monday or Wednesday)
Level: demigod pleasing.
Location: probably the nearer side of Avondale.

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Subject[dq-announce] Seagate Times Contributions
DateFri, 08 Mar 2002 18:59:35 +1300
I'm starting to put together the Seagate Times, and so far I have NO 
articles I haven't written myself.
I've got a handful of quotes, one rumour and one "what's not".

Unless you really, really like my dulcet prose it's time to put fingers to 
keyboards, people.


Didn't anyone do anything interesting this session?


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