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I'll have you know that the Seagate Ladies Sewing Circle is a nest of
Assassins with Rank 10 Rapier, Main-Gauche and Needlepoint.  I wouldn't mess
with them if I were you.
And as for the Jolly Good Chums - sure they're your mates, buy you a few
beers, take you out back and rip your spine out to use in their latest
experimental ritual.

It's the non-heroic skills that help to make the toons a little less
2-dimensional.  I also like the comic aspect of a group of dragon bashing
heroes sitting in a cart that's careering towards a cliff resorting to world
shattering magic to stop it becuase they don't know how to apply the brakes.
- I'm the worlds greatest swordsman, of course I don't know how to drive a
cart!!  I know I'll kill the horses, that'll stop it.

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Cart Driving? Midwifery? Conflict Resolution?

Did I fall into some alternate dimension where I play characters in the
Seagate Guild of Jolly Good Chums and Ladies Sewing Circle?

IMEO a player can choose to waste time and EP for their character to have
whatever daft skill they think it should have. Or not, they can just pretend
and beleive that in their character's spare time they deliver babies or move
turnips. Why say they cannot? It's their heroic protagonist and fantasy
after all.

What I don't want to see in one of my games (If you can see yourself as B
it's intentional).

(The party is bickering over what course of action to take while in a
runaway cart.)

Player A: I'll grab the riens and stop the horses.
Player B: Do you have cart driving?
A: I have rk 6 horsemanship.
B: You won't be successful. We need a cart driver.
A: What!

But since I forsee a rash of these 'skills' how about the optional skills of
rodgering, kicking ass and bickering. All much more suitable for adventurers

Ta muchly

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