Subject[dq-announce] Minutes from the last Guild Meeting.
DateThu, 04 Apr 2002 10:02:44 +1200
Seagate Adventurers Guild
Minutes from the Guild Meeting
Autumn 802 WK

Adventures going out
1) Pluck Kubringer. A man of Carzala. His cows are dying and his favorite, 
Jess, is missing. He wants a party to sort it out. Some of the cows were 
found dead lying in the field. The Duke would pick up the costs and there 
is another customer in Bowcourt with the same problem. Gordon, Low/medium, 
Tuesday, Mt Wgtn.

2) A group of six gentlemen of various sizes. They are from the newly 
formed Mages Guild of Fale on Sinture. Our guild caused a war on their 
plane and they want it stopped. They're paying 2000 ts guineas for that 
plus another 8000 for the destruction of the troll that the guild created. 
Mandos, Tuesdays, Lynfield, no specfic level (the higher the better).

3) Noa - representing the president of the Council of Ten of Destiny. 
Something was stolen and an officer killed. Some black cloth was found dyed 
with the ink of an octopus that is only found in the Islands of Adventure. 
A Darksphere is involved. The party is to find the murderer and are 
entitled to the salvage. Apparently the object that is missing is a gold mine.

4) Grendel, a guild member. A portal has been discovered under the water 
near the ship 'Sea Goddess Haven'. A party is required to go in and find 
out whjat is beyond. The name of the plane is Mystra. Payment is standard 
guild rates with possible bonuses. Simon, Low, Tuesdays, Mangere Bridge.

5) Tarl (with translator) He's a knight and represents Zaquon the Wizard. 
He wants recruits to aid him in constructing civic improvements.. There is 
a small rebel element that does not follow the state religion which is a 
simple earth cult. The reward is two tons of copper. William, Low/medium, 
New Windsor.

6) Meltos, a grizzled old soldier. Wants a party to discretely deal with a 
problem. Some undead snuck in the the city and want it dealt to to avoid 
having to explain any more deaths. Only the cities are safe from the roving 
undead. Goods will be granted in exchange for services. Monday, New 
Windsor, Medium/High.

7) Prince Ed of Thebes. Someone is planning to do something nasty at the 
Pan Olympic Games. There is also a summit going on at the same time. A 
party is required that is capable to be good and heroic without 
supervision. Sir Christopher is organising the mission. Mike, Mediumish, 
Avondale, Wednesdays.

8) A wizened mage type suffering from some sort of magical condition. 
90,000sp have already been deposited with the Guild. Wants help dealing 
with a magical evil thing. Eamon, overflow.

1) An entire party that went into a necromantic ziggurat on While Lotus Day.

2) Dramus - reading the pages of a book that had trapped other party 
members in order to rescue them.

Winner - No Vote.

1) Mabhe - The party were facing a cart that shot out stuff. Mabhe received 
an internal organ that summoned imps - and got rid of it.

2) Gok - Cain made a quick ash area which could be useful to someone. Gok 
decided to get some of the ash by flying over the area and scraping some 
off. Decided to do one more pass and smacked into the area.

3) Viola - The party were investigating a vampire. A trap was set off which 
blew up the castle and the vampire flew out. Everyone fled except Viola.

Winner - Gok.

1) Hamish - Came up with the idea of catching a griffon using a net and an 
illusionary pony.

2) Braegan - getting the party of the area of attacking undead by using a 

3) Tussock - encountered a piece of rock and figured out how to manipulate 
it correctly.

2) Sven - Wisely decided not to go with the party when they went hunting 

Winner - No vote

Best Death
1) Gok - When he was jumped at by a dire wolf, he struck it with a blessed 
glaive - and the wolf went into frenzy.

2) Cyon - Got salamied by a magical barrier

3) Calavan & Remellion - Was turned into greater undead and were killed by 
the rescue party.

Winner - Calavan and Remellion.

Meeting Closed

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