Subject[dq] Guild Value?
DateFri, 3 May 2002 16:25:49 -0400
I am trying to gage the power of items.  I'd like opinions on what guild value might be for the sword listed below.  Injury:  this increases the chance for a grevious injury and endurance hit.  Laen is a very and strong/hard metal so it increase the chance of a critical hit.  So this weapon would be a total of +7% injury vs mages (magic and non magic stack).



Description: 	Forged by dragons for the demon wars and lost ages.  Firestar is a mighty magical hand and a half sword.  The hilt is intricately carved into the head of a dragon, and its blade is set in the dragon’s mouth.  The dragon’s eyes are set with rubies, and its teeth are carved from pearl.  Firestar’s blade is forged of clear laen a rare glass like metal.  The blade is carved with ancient draconic runs that grant the sword its powers.  The whole sword gives off a soft red glow.

Weapon Stats:	BC: 70% Damage: +7  Injury: +2% (non-magical)

Magic Powers:	Mage Slayer:  when Firestar strikes a target that is a   member of a magic college increase injury by +5%.
Mana Conductor:  spells may be cast through Firestar so the wielder need not have a free hand to cast spells.  This gives the appearance of the spell coming from the sword.

Flaws:	Firestar’s hilt is red hot to the touch and will burn its wielder 4 damage points per pulse (2 points if wielder of fire aspect).  When prepared Firestar gives of a warning to mages.  All mages in a 100’ radius may roll their MA to sense a “warning”.  The warning will not be specific just that there is danger present.

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