Subject[dq] Firestar
DateMon, 6 May 2002 10:00:11 -0400
Thanks all for the input on Firestar.  I like lowering the dice roll idea most.  


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SubjectRe: [dq] Guild Value?
DateTue, 7 May 2002 09:57:21 +1200
The sword is minor.

The only thing that it's going to do, of any practical value, is do damage
directly to endurance and spec.griev. injuries a little more often.

8,000 seems completely reasonable to me.

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> I agree with William's classifications, but would put about double the
> on it. A +10%, +2, mage killer sword is excellent, particularly as it
> combines with a Kite Shield and still lets you cast.
> Andrew
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> >
> > Firestar
> About 8,000sp. +10% hit (1000), +2 damage(1000), excellent weapon(500),
> counts
> as free hand(1500), increased EN/SG(4000). Neglible flaw (warning), easily
> corrected flaw (hot).
> Advantages.
> Heavy Hand/Half sword. One of the best weapons with even better stats.
> Ability to cast with. This relieves the adept of having to make the
> choice between being able to cast spells or have both hands using melee
> weapons. If you're fast and loose with this restriction (many are) than it
> is a
> cosmetic effect.
> Special Damage Bonus. Being able to kill mages quickly is a big bonus.
> are what you want to kill as fast as possible in a fight.
> Flaws.
> The damage (to wielder) is trivial in the right hands (fire/mind mage) and
> can
> be a bonus as no-one could steal it.
> The vague sense of danger sensed would be overridden in most adepts by the
> definite sense of danger of some loon advancing on them with a big,
> sword. Having it declare "I thirst for mage blood!" in a loud voice would
> a
> flaw as it draws attention (and fire) to the wielder.
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