SubjectRe: [dq] Adventures going out
DateWed, 5 Jun 2002 18:18:52 +1200
Hey up,

I am doing a bunny adventure. I will be transporting some people from DIRT.
As people from Seagate are already contaminated we will only be taking
Dirtians. This is the next brave installment of a tale gone mad - the
unabridged story of Don Carlos - or so we think.

The mission is hush hush, but a vast amount of silver is up for grabs here -
5000 sp each.

So far I have Andrew Withy.

I also have a new victim coming on board as well.

Looking for about 7 players all together.

It will either be Monday or Thursday evenings.

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Subject: [dq] Adventures going out

I'm planning on GMing an adventure this upcoming session.
Trouble down pit. Looking for quarry in a quarry. Westphalia.
Low-med, probably Wed, at Westmere.

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