SubjectRe: [dq] Call of Cthulhu
DateSun, 16 Jun 2002 03:56:20 GMT
You don't track down Call of Cthulhu. 

First of all you investigate a couple of odd occurrences in your hometown, and 
then, as you gradually become aware of the foulness of the horrors lying just 
beneath the surface of our everyday life. 

THEN, Cthulhu tracks YOU down.

> I am trying to track down a copy of the rules for the Chaosium game "Call of
> Cthulhu", condition unimportant. Praise be to Shub-Niggurath! Does anybody
> knows where I may beg, borrow, steal or even purchase a copy of these rules?
> Hail Yog-Sothoth!
> Derek Tomes.
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