Subject[dq] Stealth vs Ranger
DateMon, 29 Jul 2002 09:27:50 +1200
Looking through Stealth & Ranger, I noticed two apparantly confliting rules.
Stealth says the sneaker makes a roll, and modifies their change by a
multiple of the observer's perception and circumstances, while ranger says
the observer makes a roll vs 3x perception + 5/Rank - 5/Rank of sneaker.

Does this mean:
(a) The PC rolls whichever skill they have, because the story revolves
around PCs.
(b) Stealth is relatively ineffective outdoors.
(c) A Ranger can spot a stealth'ed person even if they are successfully
(d) A Ranger can spot a stealth'ed person only if they are not successfully
(e) The GM should decide which rule to use based on BDE.
(f) These rules contradict and one should be remvoed or ignored.
(g) Ranger should be read as the 3xPC being the usual perception penalty to
the sneaker, with an extra 5/Ranger Rank penalty.
(h) Something else?

Its the old Skill vs Skill question in different clothing.


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Subject[dq-announce] Minutes from the Guild Meeting - Winter '02 - Sorry I forgot.
DateMon, 29 Jul 2002 10:21:20 +1200
Seagate Adventurers Guild
Minutes from the Guild Meeting
Winter '802 WK

Adventures Going Out
1) A dwarf representing Prince Theros from the Kingdom of Fontasia. They're 
having a problem with the their princess' education and need 6 or 7 dwarves 
to assist. The reward is a lump of gold, the size of the character's head 
and some gems if they're discrete. There are another couple of princesses 
that are missing that need to be returned. - Andrew, Mondays, Avondale, 

2) Tom - running a bunny adventure transporting occupants of the Plane of 
Dirt to Alusia - Thursdays.

3) Stephen Astrol - 6' tall slim human male. Here to hire astrologers and 
philosophers. Eighteen months ago, the city of Avice in the Western Marshes 
was trashed by orcs and trolls. They were ejected, however the quarrymen 
are refusing to go down into the pit because they think it is 'haunted'. 
Discrete investigation is required and it needs to be done before the head 
of the church gets back. They also don't want anyone who had already been 
there. Pay is 200sp/week/person. Sally - Low/medium, Wednesdays.

4) Michael Denear, Marshal of Cumberland, working for the Grand Emperor of 
Cumberland. He requires a fifth group. The Emperor has a colleague who has 
had his residence looted and wants his personal effects returned. The 
attackers were ambushed by another group and one of the items can be 
tracked. A deposit of two gold coins has been left and the payment is one 
item from the horde. The item in question weighs 400 pounds. Phil - 
Medium/high. Mondays, Waterview.

5) Guild Security - representing a tree. An entity off plane is wanting a 
couple of branches recovered. In payment the tree can make minor items. 
Fridays, Medium/high. Mangere Bridge.

6) Deacon Frost - From a small monastery of Urealites. One of their number 
was canonised and they want his bones back. Other thieves are also 
interested in the bones. Last seen, they were in the Dark Continent. There 
is dispensation for 'generous' funds. The other group is from Masada. High, 


1) Armaud - for teaching a party the correct way of adventuring

2) No vote

Winner - Armaud
1) Dirk and Garok. Some spiders had run off with the party employer so 
these two volunteered to be thrown after them to get him.

2) Bainbridge - The party needed a lost prophesy, but the only entities 
that had it were some repugnant undead who wanted several 'favours'. So 
Bainbridge went and did those 'favours' to further the mission. Also took 
on missile fire to protect the party.

3) Sarah - The party were trapped and Sarah agreed to take part in an 
'arcane ritual' to save them.

4) Jade - rushed in and got hacked up by dwarves.

Winner - Bainbridge

1) Human - decided to be noble and share the suffering - without a hypnotism.

2) No vote

Winner - Human

Best Death
No nominations

Other Business

It was decided that the new version of Indetectability wasn't working so 
the recommendation was made that we revert back to the old one.

Meeting Closed

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