SubjectRe: [dq] Stealth vs Ranger
DateTue, 30 Jul 2002 10:57:24 +1200

> Looking through Stealth & Ranger, I noticed two apparantly confliting
> Stealth says the sneaker makes a roll, and modifies their change by a
> multiple of the observer's perception and circumstances, while ranger says
> the observer makes a roll vs 3x perception + 5/Rank - 5/Rank of sneaker.
> Does this mean:
> (a) The PC rolls whichever skill they have, because the story revolves
> around PCs.
> (b) Stealth is relatively ineffective outdoors.
> (c) A Ranger can spot a stealth'ed person even if they are successfully
> sneaking.
> (d) A Ranger can spot a stealth'ed person only if they are not
> sneaking.
> (e) The GM should decide which rule to use based on BDE.
> (f) These rules contradict and one should be remvoed or ignored.
> (g) Ranger should be read as the 3xPC being the usual perception penalty
> the sneaker, with an extra 5/Ranger Rank penalty.
> (h) Something else?
> Its the old Skill vs Skill question in different clothing.
> Andrew
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h - We are playing a game that was designed by a commitee, none of whom
talked to each other. Ranger is from the Skills section and as such is
different from the Consequences section which is where the adventuring rules
were. As such, the rules bear as much relationship as a critcal chart in
Rolemaster does to the movement rules for Monopoly.

e - The GM makes all stealth and ranger spot rolls on behalf of the PCs.
Mainly because they don't get to know whether the skills work until they get
beaned or not. Thus the GM decides.

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