Subject[dq] Seagate Times Spring 802
DateSun, 01 Sep 2002 14:24:14 +1200
Yes, it's that time again... time to submit your articles for the Seagate 

Has anyone saved Alusia from certain destruction (again)? Defeated a 
Daemon? Done something really significant or just plain weird?
- I need you to write the lead article.

Party scribes whose parties have returned...
- I need "News in Brief" articles, quotes, tips, and suggestions for 
"What's Hot, What's Not".

People who are feeling imaginative...
- I need those nasty, juicy rumours...
- Any longer pieces will also be appreciated.

I am thinking about preparing an update on the Dark Circle - primarily for 
new members, but also for the misinformed.
I would appreciate answers to these questions (as far as they are known to 
Guild Security):

1.	What IS the Dark Circle?
2.	What areas does it cover?
3.	Where is the approximate centre?
4.	What structures and entities are known or believed to be at its centre?
5.	How did the Dark Circle come into existence?
6.	When did it originate? What caused it to suddenly expand?
7.	What effects does the Dark Circle have on people who enter it?
8.	What effect does the Dark Circle appear to have on undead within it?
9.	What additional powers does the Dark Circle appear to confer on undead 
within it?
10.	How may individuals be protected against these powers?
11.	What does the Dark Circle do to normally protective items such as amulets?
12.	What precautions should Guild members take before entering the Dark Circle?


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