Subject[dq-announce] Ding Ding - Final Week Before Guild Meeting
DateMon, 02 Sep 2002 14:46:24 +1200
Guild Meeting coming up this weekend, time to finish shopping and pop over to
the fortress of infinite evil to save the world and relieve the innocent of
their excess loot.

GMs please announce your intentions for this season coming.  Include Level,
Location, Night and Introduction/Precis or as many of those as you know.

Meeting is at the usual location - Leicester Hall, 12:30 for GMs, 1pm for Players.
 The hall is booked until 2:30 (2 hours) so $40 needs to be collected for hall

Cheers, Stephen.

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Subject[dq-announce] Rescue party required
DateMon, 2 Sep 2002 15:18:12 +1200

Staunch lads of any gender to come in and rescue Seven Dwarves from the
clutches of Snow White.

Level - Princess-bothering

Duration - Short

Location - Negotiable



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SubjectRe: [dq-announce] Ding Ding - Final Week Before Guild Meeting
DateMon, 2 Sep 2002 21:08:25 +1200
I shall be running a med/high game on tuesdays at Mandos' house (Lynfield).

An invitation from the priests of Rokar to sort out some 'doctrinal issues'.
Pay, adventure, wenches and chaps in uniform all part of the package.


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