Subject[dq-announce] Meeting Chair & Adventures
DateTue, 03 Sep 2002 16:18:23 +1200
I don't recall if anyone volunteered to chair this meeting last time.  If you
did, or think you should have then step forward now to claim your position.

Otherwise I'll pick the nearest dictator on the day.

We have one adventure to announce so far:
William - High to William Bothering.

Another two I'm aware of that are being privately sponsored/organised - One
low, one high.

Andrew's rescue adventure was sadly disrupted by his party managing to survive.

Think, Dream, Plan, GM!  

If you know of any adventures going out whether they are announced or private
then please announce them or if you prefer to keep it all under your hat till
the last minute then privately let me know so I can keep the tally.

Kind Regards,
Malevolent Dictator in Training.

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