Subject[dq-announce] Adventure Count
DateFri, 06 Sep 2002 13:32:00 +1200
Arrgh - not enough adventures Stress Junkie here.

Adventure Count is up to 4.  Unless we suddenly get an extremely low turn out
this is not enough.

I know a few GMs like to emerge from the wood work at the last minute, but my
psychiatrist will get less work if you announce them before hand.

Think of the power and glory of being a GM.  The adulation, the fans, the groupies
(sometimes known as players), the prestige, the chance to show your creative
genius to an appreciative and supporting audience... GM!

Cheers, Stephen.

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SubjectRe: [dq-announce] Adventure Count
DateFri, 6 Sep 2002 15:13:17 +1200

> Think of the power and glory of being a GM.  The adulation, the fans, the
> (sometimes known as players), the prestige, the chance to show your
> genius to an appreciative and supporting audience... GM!

I knew I should of become a rock star. Better (worse) class of groupie :.-)

There's a new guy who wants to GM called Zane. Have you got him counted in?
He was going to ask me about stuff (people put their trust in the wierdest
places) but I have not seen him much this quarter.

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SubjectRe: [dq] Seagate Times Spring 802
DateFri, 06 Sep 2002 16:11:31 +1200
Here my answers to that list of questions... please correct me if I'm wrong.

>I am thinking about preparing an update on the Dark Circle - primarily for 
>new members, but also for the misinformed.
>I would appreciate answers to these questions (as far as they are known to 
>Guild Security):

1.      What IS the Dark Circle?
It is a roughly circular region within which those Undead entities which 
are normally harmed by sunlight can walk aboard during the day without 
harm, contrary to natural law. Within this area the stars appear to be 
brighter at night.

2.      What areas does it cover?
It covers much of the former Brastor Holdings, the upper Sweetwater, part 
of the Wilderlands of Gilarni, the Vale of Morin, the Angarwold, the 
Thornewood, and a large part of the Sea of Grass, including the ruins of 
Bethsalem. It has been pushed back somewhat since its initial expansion and 
now is now approximately 450 miles in diameter.

3.      Where is the approximate centre of the Dark Circle?
The Dark Circle is centred some 300 miles east of Seagate.

4.      What structures and entities are known or believed to be at its centre?
The Dark Circle is known to be centred on a structure known as the Fortress 
of Masada. It is thought to be controlled by an exiled Drow Priestess named 
Rashak, or the Necromancer of Massada. However there are speculations that 
she might in turn be controlled by a more powerful entity known as the 
Gaunt Man.

5.      How did the Dark Circle come into existence?

6.      When did it originate? What caused it to suddenly expand?
The effect was first encountered nearly two decades ago in the Sea of 
Grass, but it expanded rapidly in the summer of 800, almost surrounding 
Seagate. However, it has since been fought back, and the edge is now nearly 
a hundred miles from Seagate.

7.      What effects does the Dark Circle have on people who enter it?
There are no known direct effects on people, unless you either destroy 
Undead, or get killed. If you destroy Undead in the circle, you suffer 
nightmares. If you die, you come back after a night passes as an Undead. 
There are a number of nasty wasting diseases which are endemic in the area, 
possibly spread by the Undead.

8.      What effect does the Dark Circle appear to have on Undead within it?
It makes them much tougher. For example, they can inspire fear far more 
effectively than usual.

9.      What additional powers does the Dark Circle appear to confer on 
undead within it?
They can drain your willpower with a touch. Hit them and you may start 
losing strength as well. When you destroy them, they are known to explode.

10.     How may individuals be protected against these powers?
There are some rare talismans called Amulets of Jasper which do provide 
some protection against draining, and do appear to work. Also the Amulet of 
Aquileaus helps against the nightmares. The most useful protection against 
the diseases and draining effects is Holy Water and its a good idea to take 

11.     What does the Dark Circle do to normally protective items such as 
The normal range of amulets which repel Undead are ineffective.

12.     What precautions should Guild members take before entering the Dark 
Be extraordinarily careful - remember even the lesser undead can drain you 
- so don't get hit. Take lots of Holy Water, and Amulets of  Jasper (if you 
can get them) and Amulets of Aquileaus.

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SubjectRe: [dq] Bardic College Revision
DateThu, 5 Sep 2002 16:58:07 +1200

Bards should not get a bonus for playing instruments. It is a flavour thingy

Bards should get a penalty for concealed casting (like being strung up with
a sign saying "Learn the words!"). As a GM I would normally issue an
immediate backfire for someone saying "I'm going to Whisper the words to the
spell, and only make small hand movements". No Concealed Casting.

All Bards should be hobbled so that their TMR is always 2. This would ensure
Clear audience never gets away from them.

Honestly, the proposed changes make it seem the author read neither the
rules nor the college in any detail. Or do they have 'selective vision' and
'selective reasoning'?

Keep the bardic college as normal as possible, and please stop trying to add
better versions of everything. So the college is not perfect. Probably
explains what they are bbq'ed on sight. Or should that be 'on site'?


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Subject: Re: [dq] Bardic College Revision

> --- Stephen Martin <> wrote: >
> No-one except illusionists can conceal their casting.  The
> > rules do not support
> > whispering of spells and GMs don't usually allow it either.
> >
> > Being able to cast with both hands occupied with weapons (or
> > similar) is a significant
> > advantage for the Bard fighter/mage.
> >
> > I think the exception should specifically state that if a
> > Bard's hands are occupied
> > playing an instrument then they do not require the normal
> > one-hand free for
> > casting.
> >
> Isn't the thing of being able to cast while playing an
> instrument covered in the bards concealed casting section?
> I mean, Otherwise letting them cast while playing an instrument
> basically lets them get away with concealed casting at all
> times, since even if spells must be cast in magical phrases(I'm
> not up to speed on that) For all most peasants would know it's
> just a foreign language they don't understand.
> Just my little thought that that sort of action should fall
> under concealed casting.
> & As for getting bonuses from playing an instrument, That also
> sorta negates the whole concealed casting penelty thing, which
> isn't really that great a way to go.
> Well, thats my 2 cents anyway
> Bernard
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