SubjectRe: [dq] Spy - a new angle
DateThu, 10 Oct 2002 21:32:39 +1300
You have done very well Sally.

I am not sure that I understand the mechanics yet but get the point.

As for small frying pans, yes, thank you. One tries to sprinkle a small
lunacy into the universe, and yet one never knows if they are found.

Keep smiling,


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Subject: [dq] Spy - a new angle

> After sifting through people's various comments, the structure I proposed
> in my version 2.0 (sketch design) [get some stuff at rank 0, and then
> abilities with each rank] was beginning to break down.  Too many things
> were being shifted to the 'gain at rank 0 and get better at gradually'
> category, so that we were back with most spies looking very similiar to
> each other.  Also, the abilities or skill-ettes, (sorry Ian, frypans kept
> leaping to the mind), were becoming unbalanced - some having more stuff
> than others.
> So rather than amalgamating them, I started breaking them down more, and
> ended up with these five fields of expertise: Fieldwork, People Skills,
> Language Skills, Disguise Skills, Information Assessment.
> Now I'm stuck as to how to integrate the 'get more abiulities' 'get better
> at abilities' and ranking (with or without ep considerations).  Perhaps
> this whole grouping into fields structure isn't leading anywhere.  Any
> ideas?  Comments, discussion?
> Regards,
> Sally

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