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DateMon, 21 Oct 2002 08:11:05 +1300
The table should be mm/hour, and even then, "degree" 8+ is iffy. My advice
is to note that the weather control ritual never does worse weather than
could occur naturally, and then go with the descriptions & ignore the actual
numbers in the table. Or we could change the units.

10 inches/hour is a fire hose. Even 10mm/hour is not average rain. Would the
numbers be useful if they were accurate? Not for me.


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Subject: [dq] Weather chart in Air college

hi there,

Can anyone alter amount of rain falling on the Degree Table in the Air
college ? I would scared of anyone who can cause or increase rainfall using
that on to find out why...

I was looking through these tables (18.9, Page 67), for reference purposes,
and I noticed that either Alusia is wetter than I thought, or there has been
a reporting error in the Degree table (copied below, comma delineated for
those with spreadsheet access):

Degree, Cloud, Precipitation
 , ,(Inches / Hour)
0, Clear, Dry; high fire danger, 0
1, Clear, Dry; fires easy to start, 0
2, Clear, Comfortable, 0
3, Sparse, Humid; uncomfortable in high temperature, 1
4, Light, Damp, 2
5, Cloudy, Drizzle; fog in cold conditions, 3
6, Overcast, Showers, 4
7, Heavy Cloud, Light rain; leaves move; fires difficult to start, 5
8, Dark Cloud, Average rain, 10
9, Low black cloud, Heavy rain; small branches move; small fires doused, 20
10 *, Oppressive, Torrential rain; river rise; large fires doused, 40
11 **, Oppressive, Flood warning; rivers burst their banks, 80
12+***, Oppressive, Flash floods, 160

Were these meant to be in mm/hour?

***Reasons for my astonishment***
The NZ Met Service issues a heavy rain warning if there is likely to be more
than 50 mm in 24 hours.

Fiordland is one of the wettest places on earth, receiving 21 feet, or 252
inches of rain in a year. That is about 90 minutes of rain at Degree 12, 3
hours at Degee 11, 13 hours at Degree 10 etc.

By this logic, Fiordland must never experience Opressive rain, so as long as
your campfires are large, it will not be rained out. And even low black
clouds would be rare.

I tell you, I am going to pay more attention to the predict weather talent
in future...


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SubjectRe: [dq] Weather chart in Air college
DateMon, 21 Oct 2002 08:49:54 +1300
> Were these meant to be in mm/hour?

Surely not.  What does a "mm" mean, perhaps miles -- by analogy to pp and SS (pages & Saints)?   I
think that the measures are *approximately* inches per day or, because of a systematic error,
precisely inches per 1 day & 84 minutes.

However your point still stands; the figures are horrifying if interpreted that way.

regards, Michael
[This message provided to ensure that your Monday morning is as confusing as mine]

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SubjectRe: [dq] Courtier amendment proposal
DateMon, 21 Oct 2002 09:50:20 +1300 wrote:

> also showed off his fine calves (the male equivalent of breasts in
>those days).
That is one of the oddest -- and most strangely disturbing -- things 
I've seen written on this list.

Well done.  :-)


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