Subject[dq] The Rocky Horror Show
DateThu, 24 Oct 2002 15:25:24 +1300
The Auckland Theatre company is putting the great performance on for a
season of the end of November and the beginning of December.

I'm organising a group to go on Friday November the 29th at 7:30pm. Ticket
price is $56 (A Reserve).

I'm planning on purchasing the tickets on Wednesday the 30th of October so
please reply promptly.

Just so you are warned, many of the people who have already expressed
interest will almost certainly be dressing appropriately (I know I will,

Payment on the night will be fine.

On a slightly side issue, I've handed in my notice at my current job and
thus my work email of will cease to get to me as of this
date (29th November that is).

So there will probably be post Rocky celebrations.

And I'm looking for something different (ie not development) to provide me
with a small amount of income over the December January period before I
start back at University full time next year.


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