SubjectRe: [dq] Arrrgh Rune....again....
DateSun, 27 Oct 2002 18:20:44 +1300
just musing openly,

i like the feel of drawing runes, but never liked the idea that the rune
college is investment in drag.

We have several ways to store magic (potions, scrolls, investments, wards,
magical traps, shaped items etc) that are open to all colleges (with outside
knowledge often).

Although, thinking through, I have no problem with rune becoming another way
to store spells and rituals.

The 'useful' parts of the college could then be adjusted into a new college
with a new name, say 'old lore'...

There again, Rune could have an 'old way of doing magics' where they have
some core spells, but an inefficient way of casting them. But they get to
learn any other spell in the book at twice EM and double FT to cast (again
in that inefficient way).

yep, that should keep the content sympathetic to the subject line.

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> At 12:54 25/10/02 +1300, you wrote:
> >Since all of the other people who were working on Rune appear to have
> >buggered off would anyone like to volenteer to assist me with it. I have
> >Jon's notes and aims and I also have my own varient possibility but I
> >someone to discuss stuff with to produce a finished document.
> Somewhere I have a version of Rune College designed by myself and others
> from some years back. I think it was far from perfect but I recall some
> decent ideas... like runes being "drawn" in the air, or ritually prepared
> in advance and triggered; and rune portals having to be created using an
> existing portal - by drawing runes on the doorposts and lintel.
> Would you like to toss this in the pot also?
> Jacqui
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