Subject[dq-announce] Guild minutes - Summer 803
FromKeith Smith
DateTue, 17 Dec 2002 14:40:32 +1300
Seagate Guild of Adventures
Guild Meeting Minutes
1st Meadow 803 WK

Adventures Going Out

1) Spokesdwarf for Acetes. Something was stolen and the person who has it 
is the evil Dutchess of Plaztoro. The tem is dangerous and the party 
employer does not want to pay the ransom. He will pay to the party a magic 
item each and half of the salvage. It was warned that the Dutchess is a 
nasty, scheming, Mind Mage. - Mike P, Medium Mondays, Mt Eden

2) Lady Nereth, the daughter to the Great Wizard Zarquon the Lawful. A mad, 
evil, deranged mage had made a weapon. The weapon is to be destroyed and 
any notes recovered. William, Tuesdays, Medium, Blockhouse Bay.

3) Lady Brigetta McLeod - Had been offplane to cure an Emperor and wants a 
party to track down the people behind the plot. Scott, Low meduimish, 
Mangere Bridge, Friday.

One other adventure was still in progress.

The Seagate Times wasn't published as the regular printer wasn't available. 
It will be posted at the Library website.
The new Spy is being playtested. While this is in progress, Spy cannot be 
ranked at half EP if thief is higher. It was decided the new Thief skill 
needed more work.


Smartest Adventurer
Amaud - he nearly doubled the initial payment to the party for less than 24 
hours work.

Motley  - he said that there seemed to be something going around the 
villages. The party scoffed but later discovered there was such a pattern

Mary M - The party was offplane and were on an ethership. Mary M was able 
to obtain parts to fix it.

Winner - Amaud

Hagan - for taking on a Hellhound. He jumpred on it's tail to distract it.

Van de Hand - For being brave and getting stuck in, even with certain death.

Princess Carriane - Telling a drill sergeant 'What would you do if I do this?'

Tom - volunteering to be the ritual sacrifice.

Starflower - Attempting to grab a sentient sword which was dealing out 

Winner - Tom

Christopher - Being attacked by a wall - with a stone troll in it.
Robert McLeod - Theparty had encountered a metal shuttle which was in the 
sun for a week with dead crew inside, hence there was a very foul smell 
inside. Robert volunteered to take a hypnotism from the Mind Mage in order 
to clean out the ship. Twenty four hours later he was still playing with 
the body parts.

Borgoff - Silverfoam had already divinated a faerie stone and vanished. 
When the party found the next one, Borgoff sat down to divinate.

Sooty - Party were in a pitch battle in the desert. Sooty let off a Bound 
Fire and was blinded because of his infravision. He still charged into 
battle, failed to see the pit, fell in and died.

Tom - The party encountered a place covered in a killing fog and 
'patrolled' by razor ice storms. Tom summoned storm and spent the next two 
hours being chased.

Dramus - Decided to rebuild the town council chambers and got Seir to 
summon a maniac binder and a flock of imps. After ensuring that the council 
chamber was totally safe (the binder wanted to add all sorts of lethal 
traps and had to be continually told not to) someone walked in and blew the 
place up.

Christopher - The party went to negotiate with the faeries. Christopher 
gets them all to go in with high level invisibilities on.

Winner - Christopher for the wall by an overwhelming majority.

Best Death
Tom - for the afore mentioned self sacrifice

Motley - Attacked by nightmares. All the people with pacted items were mazed.

Sooty - He had been blinded and fell into the tunnel that the enemy earth 
mage had dropped into  and was impaled by his twin swords. Since Sooty was 
also immolated, the earth mage kept hacking at him until the fire went out.

Winner by lots - Sooty.

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Subject[dq-announce] Guild meeting minutes - Spring 802 WK - a tad late
FromKeith Smith
DateTue, 17 Dec 2002 17:10:31 +1300
Seagate Guild of Adventurers
Guild Meeting
Spring Quarter 802 WK

Adventures going out.
1) Cadwic - Priest of Fate & Chance. He's from the city of Rakor and 
they're having ecclesiastical problems with new converts. The party will be 
well rewarded. William, Medium/high, Tuesdays, Lynfield

2) Prince Charmind. He's marrying a princess whi has set tasks and requires 
a party to help. Payment is per task, such as taking her mother shopping. 
Jeff Leddra, Medium, Monday

3) A diminutive lizard employer. Wants a big monster killed. Carrying a 
large sack full of black myrrh as payment. Zane, Thursdays, Birkdale or 
Blockhouse Bay

Mandos - sending a party on a wild goose chase - Medium
Gordon - looking for a wild goose - low.

Wordsmith - After the party had figured out that they could do spells that 
they couldn't do before, he managed to cobble together a Namer ritual to 
create a prince.

Dirk - The Ice Queen didn't like the party and declared them as exiles. So 
Dirk started sending rebuttal messages with hypnotisms. Finally he got the 
cities to believe they were at war with one another. Also the City of Gold 
was told to supply the dwarves with as much gold and equipment as they 
could carry.
Sheminah - Makes ice to grind through rock.

Sam - Entered a tournament. He's an orc pacifistic earth mage and subdued 
his opponent by standing on his foot.

Winner - Dirk

Bravest Adventurer
Olga - During the wedding, the Queen objected and threw a bolt down the 
asle. Olga dived heroically in front of the bolt and just missed.

Serien - An assassin had destabilised the military structure in town. 
Serien was keeping the orcs busy while the party recovered behind a wall.

Scorpion - A dragon was breathing on the party so they used invested 
fireflights to fly out. Scorpion was dropped by Brightflare onto the dragon 
so Scorpion tried to feed it something nasty.
Vychan - Same fight, rammed the dragon on fireflight and survived.

Clementine - She was blinded by spells with three fighters charging.. She 
charged in anyway, through a magical wall, and into melee.

Amelia - still trying to fight even with limbs destroyed.

Winner - Olga

Stupidest Adventurer
Dirk - The party were trying arrange a truce with a dragon but Dirk 
wouldn't stop fighting. He ended up being exiled.

Kern - He ordered an earth elemental to kill the earth mage, so it went for 
the one in the party.

Viola - taking her children on adventure where they'd be 'safe'.

Vychan - Being short with instructions to Earth Elementals

Angelica - The party were waiting for the dragon to emerge. Angelica got 
bored and decided to investigate the cave without telling anyone. She got 
caught in a ward.

Winner - Kern by a huge majority

Best Death
Garrick - Still being attacked by a phantasm after truce declared

Winner - No vote by a landslide

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