SubjectRe: [dq] Adventures, Agenda Items...
FromMandos\ Mitchinson
DateTue, 20 May 2003 08:33:10 +1200
> It is my opinion that normal mortals should not be able to get full
> geas. I would support capping it at rank 20 and requiring greater than
> rank 20 to do a full gaes. Sell you soul if you want it :-)

Geas is a really weak spell in comparison to others that are out there. For
it's price there are far tougher spells in regular use in the game. I fail
to see why it has this mystical "Full gaes is awesome" reputation.

I think we should change the 50 to a 15 and then if the spell causes
significant issues in the next few years we can change it back. Personally I
think it is simply stupid having a spell that can be ranked to 50 at which
point it is slightly less useful than most collage spells.


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Subject[dq] Adventure List (WIP)
FromStephen Martin
DateTue, 20 May 2003 10:49:29 +1200

Andrew - Night Neg, Lvl TBA, Loc Avondale.
Captain Brown of the Mime Division of Aesthetic Enforcement is recruiting for
an off-plane Mime Hunt.

Mandos - Night Mo/We, Lvl Neg, Loc My place or Neg.
Baron Francis of NewCourt is recruiting to recover a preist believed kidnapped
by fairies.

William - Night TBA, Lvl Med-Rare, Loc TBA.
Lady Nereth, Beautiful Daughter of The Great Wizard Zarquon is recruiting for
an easy medium rare with extra toppings and side orders mission to retreive
2 objects and put them somewhere.  Promises "Fencing,Fighting, Torture, Revenge,
Giants, Bad Men, Best Men, Monsters of all shapes and sizes, Chases, Escapes,
True Love, Miricles."

Chris C - Night TBA, Lvl Lowish, Loc TBA.
Making contacts and establishing relationships in Erewhon.

Bernard H - Night TBA, Lvl Lowish, Loc TBA.
First time DQ GM, potentially running adventure, requires GM sponsor.

A fine start, more, more..

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Subject[dq] Adventure (From Ian)
FromStephen Martin
DateTue, 20 May 2003 22:51:38 +1200
>I spend frequent, but irregular nights in Australia (often 5 to 14 in a row)

>so I find it hard to commit for a regular 13 weeks.
>but I do wish to GM and or play.
>So would players be interested in a session comprising 4 weekend days (10
>hours per day). My preference would be for 2 solid weekends but I realise
>this may be unrealistic.
>cheers Ian

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