Subject[dq-announce] Minutes from the Guild Meeting
FromKeith Smith
DateMon, 02 Jun 2003 11:29:53 +1200
Seagate Guild of Adventurers
Minutes from the Guild Meeting
1st Frost 803 WK


The character stat proposal, as mentioned in the e-mail lists, has been 
shot down.
No word of Spy or Thief.

The current Character Tribunal is Mandos, William, and .. one other. The 
tribunal is to oversee the creation of non-standard characters, 
backgrounds, and the rolling of aspects. Standard characters only require a 
GM to supervise their creation and another experienced GM to sign them off 
within six months. An experienced GM is defined as one having done at least 
2 or 3 adventures and has an understanding of the rules and campaign setting.

Adventures going out

Baron Francis of Newcourt (Mandos) There was a problem in a village. A 
previous Guild party had knocked down the church so a new church is being 
built on a different spot. During construction, a Urealite priest vanished 
and the Michaelines want to burn down the forest as it is believed the 
local fey are responsible. (Wednesday, Low-medium, place tba, only humans 

The beautiful daughter of the Great Wizard Zaquon (William) The wizard 
requires a Guild party to do six impossible things before breakfast. 1) 
Locate the Iron Fortress which is presumed to be mythical (2) Infiltrate 
it, noting that it is occupied by an unknown race, stranger than anything 
known or rumoured) (3) Find out how it is controlled and bring it back. (4) 
Position it over the Pit of Hell (5) Make sure it isn't gated away and (6) 
Recover the Orb of Brilliance. The payment is loot and one sumptuous 
breakfast. The Illamari were also mentioned. (Tuesdays, Medium rare)

A short guy in a jester's outfit, minus bells, (Bernard) introduced himself 
as Marvin, aide to Lord Argon. He is to inherit the title of Duke and needs 
to see the King. He is also running out of bodyguards. 2000sp base rate has 
already been deposited with the Guild and will pay extra. (Low to low-med, 
Mondays/Wednesdays, place:tba)

A non-descript person (Ian) Beside him a a person in a noble outfit. There 
is a civil war. The King's older brother is leading a group of malcontent 
nobles. A call to arms has gone out but one province has not sent anyone 
and there has been no reply. So the province has been declared in rebellion 
and is to be struck down. However, a party is required to go in there and 
find out what is going on. Also, all collected taxes from that province 
have mysteriously vanished, along with the ballgown that had been made for 
the Princess, which also came from that province. (Medium, to be run over 
four weekends).

There being a requirement for it, Struan offered to run an overflow. All 
that was known about was that the party was going somewhere cold.


Wordsmith - The party were in a crystal cave containing crystal plants and 
animals etc, that were sharp enough to cause severe injury. Flying was the 
only viable option but visibility was limited to 50ft because of glare. 
Wordsmith was also to fly slowly so he left markers for the others to 
navigate safely.

Adam Vychan Jones - For standing in front of Flamis to protect her from the 
incoming missile fire while she prepared Dragonflames.

Winner - Wordsmith

Adam Vychan Jones - for continuing to protect Flamis from the rain of 
arrows even though he was facing certain death.

Sam - the party were camping in an area full of undead that were trying to 
eat them by laying traps around the campsite etc. Every morning Sam went 
out first.

Silverfoam - while badly wounded, he refuses to drink a healing potion 
until it has 'aired' a bit. Instead he charged into combat, then drank it.

Saute - went straight ahead to whallop a Mind Mage who was casting TK Rages.

Winner - Silverfoam

Brightflare - dragonflaming a party member, encouraging a fire elemental 
that nearly drowned  many of the party  - While fighting a demon, Gok was 
engaging it by throwing pillows at it, Morgan was standing firm, and 
Brightflare was flying above carpetbombing the area with dragonsblood. As 
well as damaging the demon, he took out Morgan's armour, another party 
member, and dissolved the floor they were standing on.

Lady Summers - An invitation was received from the Thieves Guild basically 
'Come with us' - signed 'The Bad Guys'. She went anyway, by herself, and 
was controlled.

Silverfoam - While the party were storming a tower, Silverfoam's idea of 
carefully scouting was to fly over the top - he was attacked by an air 
elemental - and had no fatigue left at the time.

Retsum - while the party were staying on the undead plain. There was an 
unusual number of undead out there and, even though there was a sign saying 
'Don't open the door' Retsum opened the door and went out anyway.

Winner - (by lots) Brightflare.

Best Death
Silverfoam - being ripped apart by the air elemental. He spent the two 
rounds before his  inevitable death raising everyone else's moral. (Cheer 
up - it's not happening to you)

Jhiselle - was firebombed by Brightflare. Since she is pacted to Sier, 
Brightflare is now a thief magnet.

Winner (by an overwhelming majority) Silverfoam

The chits from Flugelheim are late
Faith has good ways for people to learn advanced spy
The editor of the SGT thanked people for articles - could have used more 
witty quotes.

Meeting Closed

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Subject[dq] Gods meeting - Undetectability
FromErrol Cavit
DateMon, 2 Jun 2003 12:37:30 +1200
Someone brought up the status of Mind College Undetectability at the Gods
meeting. The version in the currently issued (probationary) college has been
deemed unplayable. I can't find the actual ruling, but never mind.

We tried a few (several?) months back to come to a agreement on what form of
sneaking about spell (_if any_) should be included in Mind. This took a lot
of time and effort, and didn't get to anything that looked like worthwhile
putting to a vote.

It is my understanding that most if not all of the current mind mages with
the spell don't think it is worth the EP they have invested in it for the
effects they got in practice (anyone should feel free to correct me on this
point if it is wrong).

Therefore I propose that the spell Undetectability (S-11) be removed from
the Mind college, with the time and EP spent by PCs being available to
re-spend per the Mind Conversion document (remembering that this was a
collection of guidelines, not rules).

Discussion please (including whether to replace it with anything, I


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