Subject[dq-announce] On-Line Character Pages + Adventures!
FromStephen Martin
DateWed, 16 Jul 2003 12:34:18 +1200
As of some time last night a new version is available with a few more bugs fixed
and some new features!
There is now an adventures section, this is for recording a precis of the adventure
and who was on it (not scribe notes, those still go to the guild librarian).

This information is also available under the character listings so you can see
who has adventured with who and when.

Recording the characters on an adventure requires that the characters have been
entered into the system.
So if you have not checked your characters and added in any missing ones, then
please do so.  At least ensure that Name, Race and College are specified.
Also tell others who are not subscribed to these lists about it and get them
to update their details.

Cheers, Stephen.

>Many of you will have logins already, your login name will be your first name

>or your first name plus first initial of your surname.  E.g. stephen or stephenm

>Your password will probably be: blort
>If not then read the clue it should let you know what your password is.
>I suggest that you change your password once you have logged in (Maintain Personal
>If you don't have a login, there is a link for adding yourself as a new user

>that is displayed after a failed login attempt.

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