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This note from Sally & Brent was rather mangled -- apparently the "quoted
printable" encoding didn't mix with the font size setting -- so this is the
plain-text version instead...


Once upon a time, in the fair city of Auckland, there was a DragonQuest
campaign started by the one called Robert Leyland.  After he departed these
fair shores, his disciple, Jeff Leddra assumed the mantle of godhood to keep
the campaign alive.  Before long players were flocking to join the party, and
even the addition of a second GM, in the form of Pete Simunovich, could not
cope with the influx.  Moreover, there were two other DragonQuest campaigns,
mastered by Mike "MTB" Young, and Gary Jackson, which were eager to join the

So, in the winter of '82, the three campaigns melded to form a truly multi-GM
campaign. Thus, twenty-one years ago, the inaugural meeting was held for The
Seagate Adventurers' Guild.

We now call upon all players from the campaign, past and present, to come
together to celebrate the fantastical achievement of such a long-lived


The Seagate Guild of Adventurers' 21st Birthday Party / Reunion

    On:      Saturday night 30th August 2003
    At:      Brent & Sally's place: 18 Faulder Ave, Westmere, Auckland.
    From:    8pm, partners welcome, but no children please.
    BYO:     drinks and $5 to help cover catering and costs.
    Costume: To create a DQ atmosphere, come dressed as one of your
             characters, or in the ubiquitous Guild Security Black.
    RSVP:    to or phone 360-1569, including the names of
             your characters.

Please pass on this invitation to anyone you know of who has ever played in the
Auckland DragonQuest Campaign (and email us at so we know who
else has been contacted).

Look at the revamped character lists at update your details and remember
those characters you loved (or loved to hate).
Create a new login (or use your old one with password "blort"
Any problems here contact

    "Fantasy role playing, as a way to spend one's leisure time, has come of
    age in the last five years. Since the days when a small group of devoted
    die-hards first uncovered an enjoyable fantasy role-playing game, the idea
    has attracted an ever-growing body of people whose divergent tastes demand
    innovative and original new works. Thus, enter DragonQuest."

                                    DRAGONQUEST SECOND EDITION, PAGE iv, 1982


PS: Just before you go sending this invitation onto other players, check to
    see if we have already sent it to them. In addition to the DQ-Announce
    list, the following people have been emailed:

    Andrew Tennant
    Avette Kelly
    Bart Janssen
    Bryan Holden
    Catherine Carruthers
    Chris Rose
    Craig Harper
    Daniel Dixon
    Dean Ellis
    Derek Jackson
    Dylan Carruthers
    Elaine Harper
    Elizabeth McCombe
    DQ Players Assoc / Eric Labelle
    Erin Rolton
    Fiona & Greg Cole
    Gary Jackson
    Harry Musgrave
    Ian Milnes
    Ivan Kirk
    James Mitchel
    Jo Drum
    Kath Davies
    Kevin Maclean
    Kathy & Peter Hohepa
    Kyn Jackson
    Lisa Rose
    Malcolm Idoine
    Marc Harrison
    Mark Ashton
    Mike Haycock
    Miles Jackson
    Pete Simunovich
    Rob Amor
    Rob Plada
    Roger Earwaker
    Sue Turner

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