Subject[dq] DQ On-Line Character Pages - Awards
FromStephen Martin
DateMon, 18 Aug 2003 11:58:28 +1200
Next new feature - Awards Section

This is available from Main Menu and the Awards for a
character are listed on the character page after their

I've entered the awards for last session and have a few test
records that will be overwriten with the real winners at
some stage.

Cheers, Stephen.

Stats Update
Players 	176
Characters 	402
Adventures 	310

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Subject[dq] DQ Reunion: Where are they now?
FromSally and Brent Jackson
DateMon, 18 Aug 2003 15:45:59 +1200
Hi there,
(This is mainly aimed at the oversea contingent on the DQ list, like Ross,
Paul, and to those unable to make it to the reunion party.  Please feel
free to forward this on to any others who can't get here.)
We thought it would be good to have a list on display of the players
entitled "Where are they now?" for those who are overseas and/or unable to
make it, so when people ask "What ever happened to so-and-so ?" we are able
to provide some answers.

If you fall into this category, we would appreciate it if you could write a
paragraph about what you're up to these days. To help you along, you could
just answer the questions below.

Sally & Brent Jackson

Where are you living?

What's your job?

Do you have a spouse and/or children? For the children, what's their gender
& age?

What roleplaying or associated hobby (eg boardgaming/SCA/wargaming) are you
still involved in, if at all?

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SubjectRe: [dq] DQ 21st Party -- probably can't make it.
FromMichael\ Parkinson
DateMon, 18 Aug 2003 16:20:39 +1200
Dear Sally,

the 30th is a family birthday, so I DON'T expect to be able
to make the party -- although I *still* don't yet know for
sure.  I confirm, one way or the other, when I am duly
informed later this week.

kind regards.

Michael Parkinson (Ph 3737 599 ext 85858)
Mathematics & Statistics Subject Librarian

> Thankyou all to everyone that did RSVP. For the
> rest of you, I would really
> appreciate it if you could let me know if you are
> (or even just might be)
> coming, by replying to this email.

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