Subject[dq] Character Website
FromStephen Martin
DateFri, 26 Sep 2003 12:10:51 +1200
Mandos has finished his server move and everything is up and
running on the new server.

The URL for the login is slightly different it is now:

The file extension has been changed from php3 to php.  This
applies to all of the character database pages.

In the past couple of days someone has been logging in and
creating non-existent characters, adventures, and booking
characters on adventures they were never on.
He seems to be obsessed with Necromancers & Orcs.  I'm
guessing its a kid somewhere, who has found our site and
thinks it's some kind of on-line game.
He has called himself DragonGuru, DragonMonk and Joseph
Willis.  He has created characters called Yoshi, Drecon,
Demonbra and Demonca.  And he has used
as his Email address.  And may be using a US based ISP.
Cleaning out his junk data is no big deal and worst case I
have full backups of the data to check back against but if
anyone can guess who it might be, please slap them about a
bit and send them to their room.

If it continues I can block anything from the IP Address
range he's connecting from but that may affect some valid
users so I'd prefer to avoid that.
Another option would be to require manual validation of new
logins before they can be used but that would also be a pain
to some of our valid users.

On a more positive note, I've finished most of my original
ideas for what could be on the site.  We have:
Players, Characters, Adventures, NPCs, Locations and Awards.
We also have links between most of them so you can record
and see what your characters have done and who they have
done it with - ok you can drag your thoughts out of gutters
and bedrooms now :}.
Potentially we can record map-reference information about
the locations so that a GM could pick an area of Alusia and
find out who has been there on what adventures and (linking
through to the library) read the scribe notes to find out
what they did.
To get the full benefit of this requires a lot more data
entry, but if we can record these details for current
adventures as they happen then it's a good start.

I also have a somewhat ambitious plan to enhance the
character details to record stats and abilities, and to
allow people to enter and validate their ranking on-line. 
In theory once it's all tested and working you could print
off your ranking and GMs would know that they only had to
check your odd character abilities as all the standard stuff
is effectively pre-approved by the site.  You could also
print off character sheets, through use of style sheets you
can add your own style to the character sheet so they're not
all identical.
Of course now I've sold this idea it may not be practical
and may not happen. :)

But are there any other ideas of how we could extend or use
this database?  Anything else that would make it a more
useful player or gm tool?

Cheers, Stephen.

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Subject[dq] Cartography 101 - Aladar & surrounds
FromChris Caulfield
DateFri, 26 Sep 2003 13:51:41 +1200
Hi all,

I've been asked to map the area of Aladar which will 
include Dumar, parts of Ormond, Bowcourt, Freetaun etc.
This is a large area of some importance to the game as
a whole and I'd like to do it in a way that enhances it
for both players & GM's.

To help me with this I'd like to hear from the GM's or
players who extensively use/control these areas for GM'ing
or other PC purposes such as character fiefs, histories etc.

I'd like to incorporate any of your maps/details either exact
or in general which may detail high or very specific areas in 
these locales.   

Just drop me a line and/or any maps you may have and we 
can discuss how to help each other in developing our world.

Cheers    Chris

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