SubjectRe: [dq] Cartography 101 - Aladar & surrounds
FromIan\ at\ Dawn\'s\ Haven
DateSat, 27 Sep 2003 18:36:16 +1200
I do not know if this will help,
I have a map of Aladar stemming from the time of the war, so it is 90
degrees out and uses the Ffenagh as a straight edge - obviously a
cartological device. It has names of major towns, counties, populations and
every castle/barony, river, hills, forests and major road.

Isil Eth has 6 baronies&castles, a canal, a chateau and oversees the Justice
of an area spanning the border with Aquila - Shireff(?) is the charming

BTW i did not know Aladar extended into Bowcourt? or is it on the edge of
the Map? Can you not get away with Errol's "Here be Bowcourt"?


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Subject: [dq] Cartography 101 - Aladar & surrounds

Hi all,

I've been asked to map the area of Aladar which will
include Dumar, parts of Ormond, Bowcourt, Freetaun etc.
This is a large area of some importance to the game as
a whole and I'd like to do it in a way that enhances it
for both players & GM's.

To help me with this I'd like to hear from the GM's or
players who extensively use/control these areas for GM'ing
or other PC purposes such as character fiefs, histories etc.

I'd like to incorporate any of your maps/details either exact
or in general which may detail high or very specific areas in
these locales.

Just drop me a line and/or any maps you may have and we
can discuss how to help each other in developing our world.

Cheers    Chris

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