SubjectRe: [dq] Guild meeting minutes - Spring 03
FromJacqui Smith
DateSun, 28 Sep 2003 09:18:10 +1200
At 11:16 22/09/03 +1200, you wrote:
>Personally I thought it was a neat way of sidestepping an obviously
>character based complaint. Meaning we could actually get on with the
>supposedly GM driven non-biased voting. In my opinion the use of the
>pacifier was perfectly reasonable given that the complaint should not have
>occoured in the first place had everyone been wearing their GM hats.


You do presume.

This reply is somewhat belated due to the fact that the modem in our proxy 
failed, and I have not had access to my email for a week. However, I 
consider both your statement and your attitude to be more than a little 

You accuse me of biasing my opinions on the basis that my PC has the spell 
in question, when you should note that I have continually left her out of 
this discussion. My objections were based on:

1) A reluctance to drop yet another magic from a college which is already 
very narrow in its spell list.
2) The fact that as GM I could see little wrong with the spell as it stands 
- except for the paperwork, and I have several times presented a simple 
change which would ameliorate that. Of course there has been no comment at 
all on that change - except a positive remark from Martin in a previous 

I voted AGAINST the removal of the spell, and while Ian's compromise might 
have quieted the player in me, the GM is still not satisfied.

I anticipate your apology.


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SubjectRe: [dq] Cartography 101 - Aladar & surrounds
FromClare Baldock
DateSun, 28 Sep 2003 09:27:21 +1200
On Friday, Sep 26, 2003, at 13:51 Pacific/Auckland, Chris Caulfield 

> I've been asked to map the area of Aladar which will
> include Dumar, parts of Ormond, Bowcourt, Freetaun etc.

Ithilmor and Sasha (and a couple of others as well) have land in 
Ormond. Not terribly great land but not terribly bad land either.  
Alistair Ramsden was the GM. (My spelling checker wanted to make that 
Alligator Ramadan which I find slightly amusing.) The write-up I have 
gives considerable information about Ormond itself (the major towns, 
their populations etc.) If you would like to make a copy of what it 
says I can get you one. It also details where the fiefs of the guild 
members are.



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