SubjectRe: [dq] Adventures Going Out
FromMichael Parkinson
DateFri, 4 Jun 2004 10:20:51 +1200
Lord Antikazala of the Silver Dragon Inn is assisting a friend obtain a
small group of adventurers to commit Technical Treason --five (one for each
element) or six at the most.  Although still a *guild* adventure, this is
not an advertised mission, per se.  He and an undisclosed Guildmember will
be individually approaching potential volunteers ... although no doubt some
rumours will get out to the rest of the Guild.

Sir Prudence wants to emphasis that

#1.  His friend is from far, far away ... Absolutely nowhere within hundred
of miles of Seagate.
#2.  Must enjoy doing over Demon/devil-type things, especially succubi, or
at least be prepared to do same.
#3.  Church knight are NOT wanted; Not only because they are notoriously
antisocial, but the political implications if they were to be caught would
be unacceptable.
#4.  Foras-ites are acceptable, if they have useful skills/colleges.
#5.  Illusions will be provided beforehand, possibly even during the
mission -- so the chances of the party wanting one of those is very
#6.  His friend is already committing "Technical" Treason --as will you
shortly-- and although their motives ARE pure, even (in)directly beneficial
to the temporal authorities, you may expect the Technically appropriate
penalty if caught or found to be annoying the wrong sort of being.
#7.  Indeed, should you be caught, any rescue mission would be too late to
be useful; however payment WILL be in advance.


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