SubjectRe: [dq] Adventures Going Out
FromMichael Parkinson
DateSat, 12 Jun 2004 09:50:15 +1200
Apologies for the delay -- Although I've mentioned your name the player in
charge of helping the employer decide whom to take, and it is up to him, I
*really* think you should go on a different mission.  For their sake if not
your own.  kind regards, Michael

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> GoKs Up for this - Deamons are his thing and he's a vampire not a church
> knight (depending on who you ask).
> Hamish
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> Lord Antikazala of the Silver Dragon Inn is assisting a friend obtain a
> small group of adventurers to commit Technical Treason --five
> (one for each
> element) or six at the most.  Although still a *guild* adventure, this is
> not an advertised mission, per se.  He and an undisclosed Guildmember will
> be individually approaching potential volunteers ... although no
> doubt some
> rumours will get out to the rest of the Guild.
> Sir Prudence wants to emphasis that
> #1.  His friend is from far, far away ... Absolutely nowhere
> within hundred
> of miles of Seagate.
> #2.  Must enjoy doing over Demon/devil-type things, especially succubi, or
> at least be prepared to do same.
> #3.  Church knight are NOT wanted; Not only because they are notoriously
> antisocial, but the political implications if they were to be caught would
> be unacceptable.
> #4.  Foras-ites are acceptable, if they have useful skills/colleges.
> #5.  Illusions will be provided beforehand, possibly even during the
> mission -- so the chances of the party wanting one of those is very
> unlikely.
> #6.  His friend is already committing "Technical" Treason --as will you
> shortly-- and although their motives ARE pure, even (in)directly
> beneficial
> to the temporal authorities, you may expect the Technically appropriate
> penalty if caught or found to be annoying the wrong sort of being.
> #7.  Indeed, should you be caught, any rescue mission would be too late to
> be useful; however payment WILL be in advance.
> Michael
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Subject[dq] Castellan Bordererss
FromClare Baldock
DateSat, 12 Jun 2004 17:08:04 +1200
Does anyone have the old rules for the Castellan Borderers - I can't 
seem to find mine,



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