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DateMon, 14 Jun 2004 07:53:32 +1200
Rules 2004, Page 27, column 3. Section Learning College Magic.

An Adept may change College but loses all General and Special Knowledge
magics from their old College, and must spend 6 months (and 6,500 ep)
learning the ways of the new College (including characters learning a
college for the first time).


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> I am probably blind, but I cannot locate any specific rules anywhere
> for
> changing colleges. Do we have defined rules or is it 6mth and 6500ep 
> which
> is extropolated from a non-mage character gen?
> I realise it isn't a hugely important rule and probably doesn't need a
> lot
> of discussion but a rough guide would be cool.

As far as I know there is no defined rule, but on the few occasions i 
have seen it done 6 months and 6500EP was applied.

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