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FromHamish & Johanna
DateTue, 22 Jun 2004 22:53:36 +1200
GoK made it his mission to win stupidest for about 2 years - this stopped
when he became enlightened.  It didn't affect the adventures too much and it
only got him killed on occasion (non deliberate of cause). :)

As a new player I was unlikely to be able to play a character to win other
categories - the culture among the players (most of whom have played for
years) is sophisticated it takes a long time playing to even know how
character actions will be taken by other players (this does influence
character responses).

Also what should you expect from the local nob at court?  This can only be
found out by playing in this situation, for me I had my own notions of what
court might be like weather or not that fit with the consensual reality held
by the DQ community is just random luck.

In short - I enjoyed playing my characters in a way that was entertaining
(at least to me) as I gradually got to grips with the culture of Seagate.
And sometimes not knowing how to communicate (characterise) in certain
situations was frustrating.  If this can be made easier via different awards
cool - and the bottom line is that we are here to have fun - probably
parties also need to be careful about nominating new players for
stupidest/funniest (or what ever) unless the person will take it in the way
it is meant.


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I've often found the same thing, some of the best stories don't quite fit
the categories.
- Misadventure from ill-luck rather than stupidity;
- Spectacular almost-death, but saved by efficient party or good
Also smartest is hard to apply, the best ideas/plans often come from
discussion between several party members who are working together rather
than a brilliant individual.

I'd be in favour of some changes to the categories.

Cheers, Stephen.

<quote who="DSL AK">
> Given that, I do agree that "funniest vignette" or "most typical/classic
> moment", both of which can encompass stupid actions, would also give a
> better range of options for telling short but amusing tales that
> acknowledge players who cause others to roll around on the floor
> laughing. There were some classic moments in the last session that
> didn't quite fit into the award categories, but that had me clutching at
> the carpet - thanks Keith!
> I'd go for (with better names)
> Most cunning plan (successful or otherwise)
> Most spectacular (includes deaths, explosions, posing)
> Classic moment (stupid, things going wrong, foot in mouth)
> Funniest scene (general giggles, great lines)
> When things go wrong (stupid, surprises, unlucky)
> Andrew
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> 	I have to admit to being an attendee that leaves when the awards
> start
> 	this is for one simple reason and that is that I personally
> object to the "Stupidest Adventurer" award all this does is encourage
> bad play from people who are too scared to do things incase someone
> tells stories that make them look bad at the DQ meeting.  I play DQ to
> have fun and I don't find listening to ppl being belittled at all
> amusing.
> 	I don't understand why we can't have one or two awards that are
> for best characterisation / funniest and keep the star of alusia

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