SubjectRe: [dq-pub] Gabrielites at the Gates
FromAndrew\ Withy\ \(DSL\ AK\)
DateTue, 21 Sep 2004 07:47:31 +1200
Who is the GM running these knights? - Faith believes she has been
misrepresented, and wishes to immediately approach them to clarify the

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Attention Mercenaries,
... We intend to cleanse your city of such filth, and have conducted
interviews with citizens of Seagate, seeking the following member of
your guild for confession of their demonic and undead affiliations:
Bainbridge the Undertaker, Balode, Blackrod,Doroin, Dramus, Faith, Ned
Tanner, Neroc, Retsum, Sabbath, Sau Rus, Scorpion If the above listed
believe they have been misrepresented as corrupt worshipers they should
immediately approach us to clarify their situation...

 Francis de Sales Gabrielite Commander, Redemption Calvary

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SubjectRe: [dq-pub] Gabrielites at the Gates
FromJacqui Smith
DateTue, 21 Sep 2004 08:25:12 +1200
At 07:47 21/09/04 +1200, you wrote:
>Who is the GM running these knights? - Faith believes she has been
>misrepresented, and wishes to immediately approach them to clarify the

That was part of a large collection of articles sent by Terry Spencer for 
this issue of the Seagate Times - so many that I have had to defer some 
until next issue. I'd suggest you get the player of Faith to compose a 
letter to the Times protesting her inclusion... I was surprised at her name 
in that list, and wondering if there was something I didn't know.

On the other hands.... they're knights... they can be expected to make the 
odd mistake.


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Subject[dq-pub] Carzarlan Rights Party
FromStephen Martin
DateTue, 21 Sep 2004 15:55:19 +1200 (NZST)
[Aryan arrives at the SGT editorial room brandishing a beer stained copy of the SGT]

Who did this?  Who wrote this stuff that said that I said stuff that I didn't say?
We've been talking about this in the pub and we think that I should demand satisfaction!
I never said that stuff and I never had a right party.  If I was going to have a party I'd have a
party for rights, lefts, and ambi-dextrus people.  Some of my best friends are lefties or ambi,
why would I exclude them?
If you don't tell me who wrote this lies then I'm gonna tell all the Orcs, Dwarves, and Fire Mages
that there's free beer in the SGT office!

- Aryan

Aryan is All Right!!!
One of the Times crack reporters spent last week trailing
Aryan, leader of the newly formed 'Carzarlan Rights Party'.
The week ended with a interview with Aryan at the exclusive
hobbit restaurant Alfonses. There have been some that don’t
believe that the CRP are sticking up for the indigenous people
of the Barony, but we now know better.
A record number of elves and dwarves are entering the city
and Aryan is standing up for the rights of common folk. “Many
people do misunderstand. I don’t dislike elves and dwarves,
many of them even work at my residence”, Aryan tells us “but
they must learn our ways if they are to enter the city. Why, last
week after attending the latest Dwarven ball league game I tried
to spend my hard earned silver at one of the conveniently
located elven restaurants but, no matter how loudly I spoke, they
didn’t understand me.”
If we truly believe in free speech, how can the Duke crack
down on the CRP, and legislate against what is in the hearts of
untold thousands? To many people in the city, the CRP have
one terrific selling point: they claim to be sticking up for Carzala
at a time when no other group seem to care. In our recent poll
the CRP collected substantial support, a historic high for a far right
concern group. The vast majority of CRP members are
ordinary humans that feel afraid, disenfranchised and angry.
When I see this Barony acting like the softest touch in the world
I feel angry too. If you pass through Carzala, you can be certain
that the City guard will be ready to harass you, as part of the
war on undead. Consider the guild membership - necromancers
are welcome, happily settled in Seagate by the largest
graveyards. Hard in their words, soft in their deeds. Soft on
elven Necromancers, tough on hard working humans.
Little wonder the CRP is thriving. As Aryan told us “If
Carzala really wants to fight the Far Right, then now and
again it has to stop acting like a bunch of weak, lily-livered
liberals who wouldn't say 'Boo' to an dwarven berzerker.”
And if Duke Leto can't manage that, then sooner or later all
Carzala will suffer.

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