SubjectRe: [dq] Campaign Events and Rank 8+ skills
FromKeith Smith
DateSat, 04 Dec 2004 06:41:08 +1300
>For those GMs planning to run adventures, or thinking about it and who
>need a push, there are going to be a number of campaign threads picking
>up again. There will be many opportunities for tie-ins, extra background
>or depth you can add to your adventures, or if you want to contribute
>more directly, crucial campaign events that you can direct your
>adventuring parties to influence/destroy/blunder through. Probable
>events throughout the baronies for the next few months will be available
>at the Guild meetings, or in advance from me or any of the campaign

Looks like there are potential articles for the SGT here.

>Maps of most of the baronies in electronic format will be available

Let me know where and I'll build a link page from the Library ... maybe a 
clicable image on the main Alusiam map.


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