Subject[dq-announce] Guild Meeting Minutes - Summer 05
FromKeith Smith
DateSat, 25 Dec 2004 10:18:07 +1300
Seagate Adventurer’s Guild
Guild Meeting Minutes

Summer 805WK

Adventures Going Out

1)      Exchequer to Duke – They wish to create a giant necropolis to house 
all the bodies of the fallen from around Brastor, the idea being to ensure 
that necromancers don’t get at them. Guards are required to guard the 
carriage and the workers. Standard rates will be paid. – Low, Tuesdays, 
Lynfield (William)

2)      Lt Mordren (a dwarf). Looking for warriors to go and get an item. 
Medium/High, Thursdays, Massey (Claire)

3)      A distinguished drow. An item is required back at home. The payment 
is two thirds of the loot plus a chosen item from the treasury. The scroll 
describing where the item was suddenly became readable, unfortunately, not 
the only copy, so others may be out after it as well. Hobbits and humans 
asked for, no elementalists. Tuesdays (Mike Parkinson)

4)      A seven foot cloaked figure. Requires a party to rescue part of the 
Empire that was falling to Darkness. Medium, Fridays, Mangere Bridge. (Alan).

5)      A blue skinned goblinoid. The abominations on his plane have found 
surface allies. To counter this, a meeting of the dwarven clans is to be 
arranged. The party needs to ensure that the conference happens. Payment 
5000sp plus a bonus for each clan bought to the table. Medium, Wednesday 

After parties were assigned, an overflow was required. Bernard offered to 
run one on Thursdays.


1)      Smartest

a)      TDP Roberts. There were two opposing items, one of mana, one of 
anti-mana and they could not be handled.. The requirement was to separate 
them. TDP came up with the idea of using a net and drag it out.
b)     Taynel – for solving the portal puzzle, deducing the location of the 
other portals in the pattern. Also for a clever method of getting around a 
pit, climbing sideways around the wall.
c)      Thaeuss/Penni – The party were on the top of a tower wondering 
where to go next. Those two thought to examine the toes of the gargoyles 
around the sides and located the tiny gold thread that was the next clue.

Winner – No vote

2)      Bravest

a)      Cayenne – diving into quicksand to save another party member
b)     Grizelda – wanting to find a trap release by triggering the trap
c)      Gok – Trying to pick up and move the artifact, and not dying from 
the draining
d)     Peter – leaping into a small cupboard, while holding his nose, to 
rescue a young lady.

Winner – Cayenne

3)      Stupidest

a)      Gok – He dragged off the artifact, while it was draining him. 
Instead of leaving it there, he then put it back where he found it.
b)     Eric – They were encountering a large dragon that was sunning 
itself. Just in case something went wrong a bolthole tunnel was 
constructed, lined with soap stone, supposedly so that people could slide 
through. Eric decided to try it anyway .. and bounced   all the way down 
the slope bouncing through the corners –and was very battered, bruised, and 
broken at the other end
c)      Cayenne – The party were going to an oracle to find out the nature 
of a Doom. When the oracle said “I can give you your own Dooms”, the entire 
party said “Yes!”
d)     Clarissa – Ordered the party necromancer to cast Warp Wood on stone 
walls, and wondered why nothing happened. Also managed to get stuck on a 
ledge and had to yell for help – while the party were trying to be discrete.

Winner – Clarissa

4)      Best Death
a)      Gerald – He was being attacked by two flappy skin things. He went 
into close, and could not get out.
b)     Mordred – Was alone among undead and fought on to the bitter end.
c)      Gok – After being nearly drained by the artifact, he was hit by a 
TK rage/ That killed him.

Winner - Mordred

Other Business

1)      Hall for next year – A vote was taken on what hall to book for next 
year. The winner was Greenlane over Ellerslie

Meeting Closed

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Subject[dq-announce] Guild Meeting Minutes - Spring 04
FromKeith Smith
DateSat, 25 Dec 2004 10:21:09 +1300
Seagate Adventurer’s Guild
Guild Meeting Minutes
Spring 804WK

Pre-meeting notes
             Spy/Thief – to be workshopped
             Dark Circle – Being worked on – still static
             Mandos to produce a Dark Circle document

Adventures Going Out

             Owen Livingston – looking less travel worn than before. Wants 
a party to take a message back to his uncle to describe how to get to 
Paradise. Helen, night negotiable, Medium, 6000sp each plus salvage

             Lord Draco – Needs sneaky people to pin information onto Lord 
Marshall in order to stop a war between two races. 10,000sp each plus 
salvage. Also have to babysit the king’s daughter. Level competent, 
Mondays, Northcote

             There are two other adventures, one prebooked, the other a 

             Two overflows were also announced.
a)      California Smith – A party is required to check out the Paolithica 
portals. Medium, Mangere Bridge, Tuesdays

Farrboyre. His liege was allocated land east of the Dragonspine. His troops 
are containing a problem there but need it dealt to. Wednesday, Waterview, High

Lady wants to take out the Dark Circle. Low, Andrew

              There is a problem with the slow portal to Alfenberg owing to 
the Middlemarches being invaded

             The Dark Circle has retreated a bit so that Southern Carzala 
is now okay.


a)      Stupidest
1)      Hamish – Faith mugged a guard and Hamish stayed around to watch. 
Moral. Never stay at a crime scene
2)      Tom – hesitating when asked for a name
3)      Lt Mordren – The party were talking to the goblin fae when they 
opened fire. Instead of closing he tried to cross 600 yards of open ground.
4)      Father Broc – The party were under attack by enchanted insect 
creatures. Broc used a large spear to attempt to kill one, that was on him.
5)      Tom – Fired a lightning bolt through an illusionary wall. The bolt 
then proceeded to bounce around the party.

Winner – Tom

b)      Bravest
1)      Flamis – charging in against the big bad creature
2)      Tussock – A bunch of weapons were in a very dangerous room. Tussock 
was lowered in on a rope to fish them out.
3)      Gareck – Was three foot away from a wolverine, charged in, 
impacting and killing one hit.

Winner – Gareck

c)      Best Death
1)      Gerald – Attacked by skin golems that coated him with poison gas
2)      Millizant – Was in the Middlemarches in the slow portal. Hellfire 
elemental and undead attacked knocking Millizant off the path into the swamp.
3)      Radon – was pushed into death for a short time.

Winner – No vote

d)      Smartest
1)      Axis – After realising that the magic item would turn into a 
succubis he tied the Book of Thoth to the item then sent it back to the 
Guild in an iron coffin
2)      Angel – used 1000 skyrockets to power a ship. There was a ship 
strength spell running
3)      Korash – Feigned unconscousness then leapt up to kill the bad guy
4)      Flamis – Using a fire arc to move the party to a more strategic 

Winner – Axis

Meeting closed

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Subject[dq-announce] Guild meeting minutes - Winter 04
FromKeith Smith
DateSat, 25 Dec 2004 10:22:15 +1300
Seagate Guild of Adventurers
Guild meeting Minutes
Winter 804 WK

Adventures Going Out

1)      Assistant Frederick Herrick. The representative of the Royal 
College of Magic from Westiness. A previous party had helped the Queen sort 
out the counter revolution. Now a branch office of the College is to be 
located in the neighbouring country of Prevada. The Kinf needs help with 
the quest to get the lease. Unfortunately the King is losing taxes  Some 
adventurers have already gone to investigate but have not returned. High, 
Monday, New Windsor, Phil

2)       A fifty year old girl, Melody. She had been here before. The Ice 
Plane was at war and a ship loaded with weapons of mass destruction had 
gone missing. Ice protections will be provided. Medium, Monday, Place tba, 
Jeff Leddra

3)      Marvin the Jester. The local Lord has a small problem. A 
thoughtless bard had been sending messages and now he wants people to find 
out who let the King think that the Lord is a traitor. Payment is standard 
Guild rates plus salvage. Bernard, Fridays, West Harbour.

4)      Sergent Jones of the Brasta Scouts. A short and wiry human wearing 
last year’s uniform. He wants volunteers. A Barony has been occupied and he 
wants stuff to be sorted out in a diplomatic fashion. Diplomatic 
relationships are to be established and there is also a problem with 
missing  troops. There is a height requirement – no giants. Low, Tuesday, 
Avondale, Andrew.

5)      Cornelius Kirchir. They are abandoning their shire as the plane is 
being destroyed by a rift. A party is require to retrieve items that they 
can’t leave behind. Tuesday, Blockhouse Bay, Medium, Ben.

6)      People are required to go to the Spice Islands in Kinlu as 
something bad is prophesised. Ghost killers and versatile people are 
required. Medium/High. Tuesdays.

7)      Ten foot high cloaked creature. Required a party to go to their 
plane to do something that they cannot. Alan, Low, Mangere Bridge


A) Smartest – No nominations received

             B) Bravest

1)      Jhiselle. Was captured by vampires. She wandered off then went back 
to visit them.

2) Mario -  This was his first adventure. He went into an encounter with 
bones flying about and took two spec grevs to shield Human while he cast.

3) Peter – He charged into a mass of trolls and survived

4) Theodona – She saw two party members into trouble and went in to help. 
She received a crushed pelvis

Winner – Mario

1)      Adien/Kevin – Stopped to waste time with a demon who was selling 
magical weapons

2) Drum. – The party reached a destroyed elven city. There was an 
illusionary ball with revenants etc. Drum decided to dance and talk to the 
undead. He got cursed

3) Starflower – There was a ruined city and a circle of dryads doing a 
circle of wrath. She cast a Mindspeak

4) Veor – The nixies created a geyser and Veor turned it into ice. This 
resulted in the party being pelted with lumps of ice.

5) Maeb. She was in a high mana zone, summoned a wind. She managed to 
offend it and lost all her gear.

6) Serendipity – She was trying to learn to be a cat so she changed into a 
cat in front of a male cat.

7) Motley – For nominating Serendipity who plans to be a master assassin. 
Also for casting random magics in battle

Winner – Motley

             Best Death – No nominations.

             Star of Alusia – No nominations.

Meeting Closed

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SubjectRe: [dq] Guild Meeting Minutes - Summer 05
FromClare Baldock
DateSat, 25 Dec 2004 10:50:35 +1300
Just for the record - given that my name appears twice in these notes, 
once so misspelled as to confuse who is being referred to - my name is 
Lieutenant Mordrin

Fight until the end to defend what is right


(What is right includes...well that is an exercise for the reader)

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SubjectRe: [dq] Guild Meeting Minutes - Summer 05
FromKeith Smith
DateSat, 25 Dec 2004 11:35:39 +1300
>Just for the record - given that my name appears twice in these notes, 
>once so misspelled as to confuse who is being referred to - my name is 
>Lieutenant Mordrin
>Fight until the end to defend what is right

Thank you ... I sometimes have to guess at the correct spelling given I'm 
trying to hear everything ..


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SubjectRe: [dq] Guild Meeting Minutes - Summer 05
FromClare Baldock
DateSat, 25 Dec 2004 11:50:50 +1300
On 25/12/2004, at 11:35, Keith Smith wrote:

>> Just for the record - given that my name appears twice in these 
>> notes, once so misspelled as to confuse who is being referred to - my 
>> name is Lieutenant Mordrin
>> Fight until the end to defend what is right
> Thank you ... I sometimes have to guess at the correct spelling given 
> I'm trying to hear everything ..

Indeed - its a tough job - and very well done,



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