Subject[dq] Thief Discounts.
FromMandos Mitchinson
DateMon, 28 Mar 2005 14:19:34 +1200
Just working on my charactersheet a little more when the question of thief
discounts appeared.

Currently a halfling thief with high ranked spy can get 110% discount when
ranking theif.

50% for being a halfling, 50% for having Spy ranked higher and 10% for
paying for a trainer.

How do people normally calculate the discounts for this situation. I checked
back my ranking for Tussock who has only actually been in this situation
once in her ranking and I had missed the discount at the time so I have no
idea how this would normally be calculated.

Any Ideas?


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Subject[dq-announce] DQ Wiki has moved to
FromStephen Martin
DateMon, 28 Mar 2005 22:35:54 +1200
To improve the speed of the Wiki, it has been moved to a real server at

I have set up some redirects at the old site but some links may not work.
Preferably change the links to refer to the new site.

My apologies for any inconvenience but hopefully the speed increase will

Cheers, Stephen.

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