Subject[dq-pub] Aquilan Forces turn back for home
FromIan\ at\ dawn\'s\ haven
DateTue, 17 May 2005 19:46:37 +1200
Just as the weather turns sour in Brastor, the Aquilan nobles stopped their
army of knights and "professional" soldiers, and some have even turned back
for Home. The force, far from assisting Carzalan and Church troops to extend
their assault into the very depths of the Dark Circle, is now 'urgently
needed' in Aquila to maintain law and order.

Apparently the presence of a few undead assassins has sent the Aquilans into
a frenzy of 'home defence' efforts, most notably the drinking dry of every
public house they pass. Bowcourt is diverting Levied Troops to protect its
people, their houses, food and even the crops in the field. Churches have
been desecrated, silos destroyed and bridges burnt.

No further reinforcements can be expected from Aquila. And none from
Bowcourt until the Aquilans have left the marquisate. We can only pray that
the few hundred Aquilan knights who are already with us, will stay and
continue the onslaught in south east Brastor.

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