SubjectRe: [dq-pub] Chilling Effects
FromMandos Mitchinson
DateSat, 28 May 2005 22:12:51 +1200
> Some people will do anything to get out of paying for their drinks...
> What do DA's etc show the swallowing magic was?
> If it was just something like sinking doom then we could pop down to the
> centre of the earth and grab his body.

It shows up as Earth Magic's, but not a standard spell. By the time the body
is found and recovered he is irresurectable.

The next day Guild Security make the following announcement.

Guild security have investigated reports of the recent Suicide by a member
of the Michaels Own 3rd Scout Detachment. We believe this is related to the
deaths of the rest of his detachment in the local area known as Tor's Folly
several nights ago. If anyone has further information the suicide or
connected events they should contact the guild security offices as soon as

Guild Security

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