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DateSat, 4 Jun 2005 10:58:05 +1200
Hi there.

The name is Emily Jenns.

Also you may wish to add Alan Mason to the list - he was sharing 
mine, but now has his own email, it's


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SubjectRe: [dq-pub] Gossip in Seagate
DateSat, 04 Jun 2005 11:37:26 +1200
Mandos Mitchinson wrote:

>All around Seagate a similar scene is played out in Inn's and Taverns. In
>the Inn a gossip is sitting in the corner telling his tales.
><naughty gossiping>
>At this point the gossip is interupted by a large hand picking up the gossip
>and arresting him in the name of the Church for Treason.
>Later that night 46 people are transported to Mordeux for judgement.

Well, I for one feel much *fecking* better without being  threatened by 
the hordes of slavering rumour-mongers and tattletails loitering around 

Those PoLys sure know how to make a fellow feel safe.


Vashanka's stones!  They're dragging four dozen prisoners that far north 
just as the season turns?  What, did they take a bunch a shovels, some 
bags of lime, and packed lunch?  I reckon the the poor bastards aren't 
going to make it to Ranke, let alone Mordeux!

I might nip down to the Temple and ask an old mate about the weather in 
Rokar this time of year...    ...other side of the equator and the Dark 
cricle, don'cha know...

Haann Uberreich
Reluctantly PoD, but suddenly less unconfortable about it

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