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FromIan\ at\ dawn\'s\ haven
DateTue, 7 Jun 2005 22:49:29 +1200
Hi there Martin,

Yes the lists are very useful. Can you tell me if everyone is on all three
lists? I wonder because we use DQ-pub occasionally to put out time relevant
information, and don't know how many actually get it.

Many thanks, Ian

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> A few people have lately been asking who's on the DQ lists. Rather than
> answer one at a time, here's the current list (names where we have them,
> otherwise just the user-part of the email address):
>   Alan Grant              Helen Saggers           Michael McFadden
>   Andrew Luxton           Ian Anderson            Michael Parkinson
>   Andrew Withy            Ian Hasell              Michael Scott
>   Anne Hamilton           Ian Wood                Michael Woodhams
>   Ben Taberner            Jacqui Smith            Noel Livingston
>   Bernard Hoggins         Jason Saggers           Paul Schmidt
>   Brent Jackson           Jonathan Bean           Phil Judd
>   Chris Caulfield         Jono Bean               Rosemary Mansfield
>   Clare Baldock           Julia McSpadden         Ross Alexander
>   Daryl Crosby            Karen Menolly           Sally Jackson
>   David Hall              Karl Thiebolt           Scott Whittaker
>   Derek Schakel           Keith Smith             Sean English
>   Ed Douglas              Kelsie Macarthur        Simon White
>   Emily J______           Loki Freyr              Stephen Martin
>   Errol Cavit             Mandos Mitchinson       Struan Judd
>   Gordon Lewis            Mark Simpson            William Dymock
>   Greg Taylor             Martin Dickson          Zane Mendoza
>   Hamish Brown            Martin Kealey
>   dawnhaven@...
>   emily-j@...
>   seagate_enquirer@...
> Not everyone is on every list, but most people are.
> PS: can the respective owners fill me in who the last three addresses
> belong to?
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