Subject[dq-announce] Guild meeting minutes - Winter 05
FromKeith Smith
DateSun, 11 Sep 2005 09:35:53 +1200
Seagate Guild of Adventurers
Minutes of the Guild meeting
Winter 805WK

0 - Pre meeting votes

a) Revised scribe note awards passed (2 against)

1 - Adventures going out.

1) Master Merchant Alexis from Flugelheim (Struan). One of their 
breweries in Artzdorf has not sent out any product and the auditor 
sent in to investigate hasn't returned. Journeyman adventurers are 
required to investigate. Pay is a hogshead of whiskey or six of 
ale.  Low/medium, Wednesday, Waterview. No more than 7 players.

2) Alfred - A six foot blond human wearing heavy furs. (Andrew) Is 
calling on a traditional alliance. Is having trouble with the 
neighbours and the family are spending too much time in the ale 
house. This is on the Plane of Albion, payment is enknown and the 
toughest people are required. High plus, Monday/Tuesday, Avondale.

3) Overflow (Bernard) - Caves in a hill have been discovered and a 
party of experienced mages went in and never came out. So 
inexperienced adventurers are to be tried.


1) Bravest
Dramus - the area the party was in is a mixture of mist and water. 
Even though it was nasty to him, Dramus charged in to save the party.

Vychan - A nasty vampire assassin was fighting the party. Vychan 
stood in front and took the blows so to protect the casters.

Lizette - Going up against ogres and distracting them.

Mortimer - persuaded a cat to send Dawn back first.

Shrub - Took the attentions of Sam the Ork

Winner - Vychan.

2) Stupidest
Morgan - Trying to be fancy in combat and ended up throwing the Dark 
Sphere item away.

Rok. While out undercover with Jade, a tough fighter, patted her on 
the hand and called her 'puppy'.

Mortimer - After encountering a trapped portal, he spoke to a trout 
and convinced it to trigger the trap
Boulder - The party was sneaking around the battlefield when they 
were attacked by incoming blackfire. Boulder's reply was "Is that the 
best you've got?"

Sam the Ork - walked up a trapped spiral staircase and ended up sliding.

Winner - Boulder

3) Best Death.
An entire party - managed to kill themselves by planning themselves to death.

Sir Christopher - While in the library of the God of Knowledge, he 
asked the wrong question and ended up with his brains oozing out his ears.

Gerald - After hearing the whistle of a falling object, Gerald 
elected to fly straight up.

Mortimer - Dying twice after talking to the trout

Winner - Gerald

4) Smartest
Mortimer - During an interview with the Goddess of Justice, Mortimer 
was able to calm her down and change her mind.

Veor - While in a manor house, the party entered an are that was 
filled up with holy water mist. Veor froze it.

Clarissa - During a security audit, she continued her audit up the chimney.

Winner - Veor

Other business
It was noted that the America's Cup is on the 25th and 26th of June.

Meeting Closed

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Subject[dq-announce] Addition to the Library
FromKeith Smith
DateSun, 11 Sep 2005 10:39:24 +1200
First scribe notes for the previous session are in  - titled Poison 
Cloud by Sau Rus. Thank you


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Subject[dq] Calling Gordon
FromClare Baldock
DateSun, 11 Sep 2005 23:27:17 +1200
Could Gordon please contact me off list - I seem to have mislaid his 
email address,



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