Subject[dq-announce] Rune College review
FromChris Caulfield
DateMon, 19 Sep 2005 13:02:14 +1200 (NZST)
Afternoon all,
Wed like to start the review of Rune college and are interested in who
would like to be part of a review committee.

The thought was that we would have a review committee comprised of
interested, non Rune college players who would review the current versions
of Rune college played and discuss what to do and where to go from there.

Need to know:
A  If youd like to be part of the review
B  As a player of the rune college
C  As an interested party to review the college

If you are playing or have played a Rune Mage in DQ and have used a
version of the college different from the one in the rule book then please
send me a copy (by E-Mail) so that I can compile the different versions
for the review committee.

If you would like to be involved then please reply back to me detailing 
your interest and we will go from there.


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