Subject[dq] Unarmed Combat
FromMichael Scott
DateWed, 05 Oct 2005 20:56:58 +1300
Hey there just a couple of questions about unarmed and a few ideas to make 
you think.

Q1: How do you play unarmed in regards to the plenalties for multiple 
strikes, secondary strikes, is it the same as for weapons? Or do you asume 
they are trained to use both hands amberdextriously in unarmed combat?

Q2: What if you are using a kick or a headbutt?

Q3: How many attacks can you make while unarmed? Punch, punch, kick? Punch, 
kick and headbutt?

Q4: If you are doing something like a spinning backfist can you multi-hex 

Q5: Is it possible to use weapon spells in unarmed?

Q6: If you lose you Primary arm, have ranks in unarmed and an invested Rk 11 
Weapon o Flames can you trigger the invested to create an arm for you to use 
in combat? (Of course the limb would be unalbe to support weight or grip 
anything that would just be silly)


Some things to think on;

When evading with unarmed (possibly with just a free hand), rather than 
disarm - reposte, you have the option to disarm and make a MD cheak to 
obtain your opponates weapon which you may use against him next pluse 
assuming you can. NB These manouvers are easiest against hafted weapons. So 
maybe some sort of bonus say twice MD rather than once vs polearms.

PC with high ranks (5+) in unarmed gains def bonus vs A class melee weapons 
when unarmed or they have a free hand. i e A rapier duellist with unarmed 
adds their Fending def of 1% per rank of unarmed to their total def when 
their offhand is empty.

This bonus vs A class melee weapons could then stack with the bonus a player 
gets while evading while unarmed.

Just a cuople of thoughts to maybe add some spice to unarmed combat.
Michael Scott

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