SubjectRe: [dq] Agony and windstorm.
FromJulia McSpadden
DateSat, 6 May 2006 11:53:37 +1200
Hi All

Just been catching up on the discussions after 3 months and see that people 
have been disussing area of effect supression spells - which are always some 
of the first things my mages learn :) When I played a wiccan I loved 
trembling earth, my air mage has Windstorm and Knockout gas.

These things are great in game becuase often my air mage and the party water 
mage or celestial spend alot of time and fatigue to make the party mostly 
immune to the effects of the str based or breathing based attacks and it is 
nice when those precious 7 - 14 points of power up fatiuge actually get used 
for something.

As for Agony
Did someone go on a high level game and forget to pack their namer ??
Agony is fine it just adds to the list of things the namer must do and gives 
you a reason to have highly ranked  your dispel magic.

BTW if you go on a high level game and forget your namer then well ... more 
fool you

Cheers Julia
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Subject: Re: [dq] Agony and windstorm.

>>Agony is marginally better than death, mind you. But not much.
> (is slowly catching up)
> IMHO - I like the mental picture of the PC being hit with the agony and 
> still, using every ounce of willpower he/she has, gritting their teeth 
> getting back up, and staggering forward to deal with the NPC necromancer 
> that did it ... if that means making a save per pulse ..  that just sounds 
> heroic .. not sure if that's achievable with the current spell writeup at 
> the moment ..
> Keith
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